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Oct 20, 2013 07:36 AM

Gift card for a college student in Hartford area?

I have a young friend who is in college in Hartford, and was thinking of getting her a gift card so she could treat herself to a few meals off campus. I was thinking nothing fancy, typical teenager cuisine. A local restaurant group might be ideal, because it would offer her options. She also loves ice cream, although I don't know that I'll be helping with the fight against the freshman 15 if I get her a gift card for an ice cream place. Any suggestions?

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  1. Does she have a car? Also, if she's at Trinity w/o a car there is a nice restaurant across the street, Trinity Restaurant (Used to be Timothy's, "in the day"). Might be a little pricey, I haven't been there for awhile. If car, lots of nice spots--maybe Hartford Baking Company in West Hartford. It's in a little strip mall off of a busy, nondescript road but has great coffee, scones, sandwiches (just breakfast/lunch) and a nice, college-town vibe. Also, Tisane on Farmington AVe. in Hartford, has great coffee, teas (and drinks for those of legal age) nice menu, and cozy back room with couches and a small fireplace, nice in the fall/winter. There is a ttle coffee shop in West Hartford Center, Sofia's, that has great coffee, crepes, and also ice cream from a local cremery.
    What a nice idea! These are off the top of my head, but lots of other nice spots, if she has a car. (Public transportation in Hartford not so great)

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      I don't think she has a car, but I will check, thanks for the ideas!

    2. Another idea that is a little generic but what my nieces appreciated was visa gift cards with the caveat for dining out. Sometimes they used them for a dinner off campus but more often I got nice thank notes about getting good food delivered during exam times. One was way upstate and nothing beat getting food delivered when the temps were well below zero and the snow was piling up.

      1. There are many great restaurants in Hartford. Maybe consider downtown since that is where most of the bus routes go (Despite the other comment, the bus system in Hartford is as good as any other city its size). Some places you might consider are Vitos on the Park or Citysteam. Jay

        1. A couple of weeks late... But popular younger spots in downtown Hartford include Agave (cool Mexican and Mexican inspired , lively bar scene) also part of the wood ' tap group so it may be good other places, Black Eyed Sally's BBQ and southern cooking, great blues concerts at night, Salute, contemporary Italian,, Feng , Asian and Japanese including sushi and rolls, , and and inexpensive Vietnamese Latuce .. Good and inexpensive. Not much in the way of ice cream.

          1. Moe's for breakfast - all the Hartford college kids go there