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Oct 20, 2013 05:28 AM

How do you find a list of errata for a cookbook?

In another thread, Chez Cherie wrote that Sugar Baby came with a full sheet of errata. I can't seem to find this in my copy of the book. I did a little web surfing (author's facebook site, publisher's site,etc) to no avail.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?


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  1. I can't help for this particular book, but in my experience if it's not on the publisher's website or the author's own blog or website, there isn't one. I did a little bit of googling on some review sites and no one has mentioned one for this book, though there appears to be one for her other book Bake It Like You Mean It. Are you sure the person in question didn't have their books mixed up and wasn't thinking of the other book instead?

    The other possibility since Sugar Baby was published a couple of years prior to Bake It Like You Mean It is that you have a later edition where it's already been corrected (or the first edition before they caught the errors). But since it's the same publisher and they prominently have the link displayed on Bake It and the author's blog only mentions one for Bake It, but not Sugar Baby, I would be inclined to think there isn't one. I would check with the person who posted and make sure they weren't accidentally thinking of Bake It Like You Mean It.

    1. My rule of thumb is not to buy the first edition of a cookbook.
      The errors will have been corrected before the second printing, and if there isn't a second edition, the book did not sell well and probably isn't worth using. These days, latecomers who just *must* have a copy can find a used one online, usually for less than a new copy.