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Oct 20, 2013 04:53 AM

How long can I hold Royal Icing?

We had a kid's cookie decorating party yesterday and I overestimated how much icing the kids would go through. I have quite a bit of simple icing that I made from egg whites and powdered sugar - it was mixed and put straight in to pro-strength piping bags, closed with rubber bands and put in the fridge. We pulled bags from the fridge and snipped the ends off as we used them, so the ones I have left have stayed unopened and cold.

How long do you think I can keep these? (I'd be happy with a week or so, it's all tinted orange, so we'd just be using the rest for more Halloween cookies or maybe to mix with some cream cheese for cinnamon roll topping over the next couple of weekends.)

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  1. Just a thought but if you are feeling creative you can make some transfers out of these which should keep (almost) indefinitely once dried. Pipe some designs onto wax paper, let dry, and store in air tight. Then next time you decorate you can put some royal icing then pop the dried design on top and it'll sink a bit, then dry and meld into the design.

    You can do roses too, although that's a lot of orange roses :)

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      That's a thought. Maybe some orange leaves for a fall cake. Thanks!