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Oct 20, 2013 01:03 AM

Water in Varanasi

This is a pretty pedestrian question... but important. :) I am going to be in Varanasi for a week. Because of some recent health issues I am concerned about having a decent and non-sporadic water supply (will be staying with a friend in an apartment, not a hotel.) I have only been to New Delhi, so know nothing really about the situation in Varanasi - is the tap water of decent quality, and can one buy bottled water in quantity if needed? (I am not normally a fan of bottled water, just checking! :)

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  1. I lived in Bangalore for a while and travelled around India a bit, not to Varanasi though, but I can say that I don't believe tap water is safe for a visitor, anywhere in India. The only exception to this if your friend's apartment has a water purification system, we had this in our house in Bangalore.

    Bottled water is the best option to ensure you have an "uneventful" trip. You should be able to buy bottled water in a 6 pack of 2 litre bottles at most markets. The brands I found best in Bangalore were Bisleri, Himalayan, or Kingfisher (and the beer is good too).

      1. Bottled water is the way to go ..Coke (Kinely) and Pepsi(Aqua fina) should be widely available .....even in remote parts of Varanasi