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Oct 19, 2013 07:52 PM

Can anyone tell me about Iravat? -- the Indian place in the asian marketplace at Legacy in Plano.

We had lunch at Little Sichuan today, and picked up a menu from Iravat. Looks good, the place smelled fantasic, but there were relatively few people there. Ok, it was lunchtime, and the place looks a bit upscale for a stripmall lunch joint, but we'd appreciate any feedback. It'll be hard to pry us away from Little Sichuan, but we're always up to try something new.

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  1. I have the exact same sentiment about the place.....smells good, no people though.

    A lack of natives eating their either says one of two things: it is way pricey or it is not good food.

    I can tell you about Chennai over in Legcay though

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        It really is where to begin at Chennai. I have gone about 6 times now and every time the place is almost packed with natives.

        The only I can say bad about the place is sometimes the incense gets a bit overbearing (almost scentsy candle territory).

        The dosas are a popular snack/meal for most and the nail just about every southern Indian specialty (idly, rasam, sambar, vada, thali, etc).

        This is one of the few places that goes outside all teh veg only southern Indian specialties though. They have a specialties menu that changes from the weekdays to weekends. I believe the weekend has more seafood options and offal preparations.

        Besides the specials you really should try the biryani, specifically the Thalapakattu style. Scott Reitz recently had a story on Dallas Observer about this prep so you can get a snese of the dish from that story.

        You should also like them on FB so that you can check out some of their specials they have, mostly around holidays which seem to happen about once a week (kidding). My last FB special I made it in for was a biryani sampler and it was one of the best renditions of biryani I have had. Out of the five we sampled we loved two of them. I would have to go through my picture to see which ones those were.

        If you do happen to go ask alot of questions. There are alot of dishes that I don't even know the name for and have to ask what is in the dish. Also if you are unsure about a dish you can always ask to see if they might give you a sample....I know on one instance they let me sample the dish and I ended up going with it.

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          Thanks so much. This is extremely helpful.

          1. re: Dallas Alice

            Thanks from me too, LH. I'm beginning to realize now that living in the Uptown area definitely has one distinct disadvantage due to the almost total lack of exceptional ethnic fare.

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              I agree with you on the lack of ethnic fare and one of the main reasons I do not live down in Dallas proper.

            2. re: Dallas Alice

              Please let me know if you don't ever understand what I am talking about (i.e. idly, rasam, etc etc). I find myself speaking the food languange of whatever restaurant I am in and really don't realize that I am spouting off dishes in a different language. My wife often tells me she didn't understand the whole conversation between the waitstaff and my order.

              I try to be as helpful as I can but often get lost and sometimes needs to be reigned in to do a better job explaining on here.

      2. Big 2nd to Chennai. By far the best dosa in Dallas. Also note that the biryani LH recommended is only available on the weekend though their normal biryani is also fantastic. The menu is mostly limited at lunch to dosa, biryani and thali. At dinner they have a huge menu including many Indo-Chinese dishes. Going the other direction away from Iravat, I'm a big fan of Chetinnad Palace in Plano off 75 and Parker (I think Parker, might be Park). They also specialize in South Indian food and have a lunch buffet.

        I'm not a fan of Iravat at all. That said, they do three things particularly well. Great naan, tandori chicken and kheer. I'd recommend it to someone that is not very excited about trying Indian food as a sort of gateway restaurant. But, if you like Indian food, you can do much better in food and ambiance.

        Lastly, if you want to pry yourself away from Little Sichuan, you could try Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot which is fantastic or Umeko Sushi which has good Taiwanese food. And of course there's the food court. Really, Iravat is the worst option.

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          A big 2nd for Chettinaad Palace. One of my favorites as well. Great Dosas!