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Oct 19, 2013 02:56 PM

Deli Food: Albuquerque, New Mexico

I've lived in Albuquerque for five years and have yet to find a good deli with lean corned beef/pastrami sliced thin and piled high on fresh rye bread. We're willing to drive, since most places are within 15 minutes throughout town.

Thanks for the suggestions/helpful hints!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Alas, deli here is a rare bird indeed. As a native NYer, I miss deli and all it encompasses. There was a place in Rio Rancho for awhile, a branch of main location in the Q, but both are gone. Gil likes this place; may be worth checking out:

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        Yes, I feel the same coming from L.A. originally. There is a new place in Nob Hill called Nosh, but the corned beef left a lot to be desired. Maybe we should make the drive to Rio Rancho and check this one out?

      2. Glad you posted this. I was not aware of this place. Comments to this review are pretty mixed, so I hope you will let us know what you think. I would kill for a good deli around here! Have to make most deli-type foods at home.

        1. Shazzam look at this, ABQFoodie. Gil reviews a new deli at Nob Hill.

          I went to California Pastrami today. It was pretty OK. Nothing to rave about, but the meat was good, hoagies good. Hard to compare to a New York deli (I haven't been to an LA deli). Very crowded, mostly takeout. Excellent service. I'd go back.