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Oct 19, 2013 02:01 PM

Dinner near Camden Yards

We'll be staying one night at a B&B near Camden Yards in a couple weeks. I don't know Baltimore at all! Can you recommend a place for dinner in the area (or walking distance, don't mind long walk)? Ethnic would be good, or anything that is interesting or particularly good. All I've seen are references to the Corner Wine Bistro, which seems to get mixed reviews - any thoughts?


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  1. Ryleigh's Oyster House in Federal Hill, next to Cross Street Market. Medium walk, short cab ride from/to Camden Yards.

    1. Really, this is not a big town. If near Camden Yards, you're within walking distance of Federal Hill (where Ryleigh's Oyster is located), Harbor East, Fells Point, etc. So I suggest searches on this board with that in mind.