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Oct 19, 2013 01:36 PM

Best Phoenix-Scottsdale Chinese?

Is there any consensus on the best place(s) for Chinese food in either Scottsdale or central Phoenix? Preferably not overly ostentatious.

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  1. My favorite is Jade Palace, at 92nd St. & Shea in Scottsdale. It's kind of on the expensive side, but I've never had a bad meal there.

    1. China Magic Noodle or Chou's

      1. Central Phoenix favorites:

        China Chili -- 3rd St & Osborn
        Super Dragon -- 12th St & Northern
        Wah Sun -- 19th Ave & Northern

        The last two might be farther north than some definitions of Central Phoenix, but I think they're worth seeking out. Wah Sun is a genuine dive with bare bones decor and no liquor license, but excellent Cantonese food (order from the Chinese menu rather than the American one) served by a friendly family.

        For the best in the Phoenix Metro Area, however, you should also eat your way up and down the Dobson Corridor in the East Valley. My current favorites there:

        Miu's Cuisine -- Price & Apache
        Kong Fu Gyoza -- Mekong Plaza Food Court, Dobson & Main

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          I haven't been to China Chili but I can vouch for Wah Sun and Super Dragon. Get the hot pot at Super Dragon (it won't be on the American menu). I can also vouch for Miu's Cuisine, though I've only ventured a little ways into their extensive menu. Miu's is also short on ambience, but you won't care when your food comes. And the folks at Kong Fu Gyoza are very sweet; dumplings are tasty, though not the best I've ever had (that'd be Prospect Dumpling in NYC). Taiwan Food Express in Mekong Plaza is also pretty good... though I think Henry's Taiwan in Tempe is a little better.

        2. Thanks, although most of these would be a difficult trek. And, for Ipsedixit, I would have appreciated a litlte more elaboration.

          Are there three China Chilis?

          Also, I didn't think to ask - are any of them quieter than others?