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Oct 19, 2013 10:57 AM

Son's 25th Birthday-Fun Restaurant Suggestions

Atlanta family traveling to Chicago Thanksgiving Week for son's 25th Birthday. We are a foodie family and looking for a fun, flavorful spot (staying in Lincoln Park) to have a very memorable birthday lunch and dinner. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are so very many options.... can you give us an idea of type of food (pizza, ethnic, etc.), price range? I'm sure we'll be able to assist in making your son's birthday a special one!

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      Based only on your original criteria of "fun" and "flavorful", I'm thinking meat and booze in a casual setting. Given your "foodie" reference, I'd skip the steakhouses. My first thought was the whole pig's head at Yusho, available on Friday and Saturday nights, and can be reserved in advance. Their bar program would be a nice way to help celebrate 25, too. Belly Q's table BBQ might be a good option, although I haven't done it, so someone else might be able to speak more to this. For lunch, consider Au Cheval and have him order a burger (the no-reservations policy deters me from recommending it for a celebratory dinner).