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Oct 19, 2013 10:31 AM

How me Decipher is this SS oxidizing or rust....

Picked up a ton of various size Cusipro Mixing Bowls.
SS. Just noticed on one large bowl, edges had splotches of what appeared to be rust. Too *dark* to tell as it was a darkish grey. It was NOT like this when I got it, washed it and put it away. A sponge scrub got most of the surface greying off on this but there still remains some within the graining-direction of the SS bowl.

So, the OCD kicks and and I start grabbing all the other new bowls. Some have very similar markings, but no so pronounced.

The interior of these bowls is more brushed then smooth/polished.
Could this be rust of just the mature of a *brushed bowl*

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  1. Stainless steel can rust. The name originated because it Stains Less than regular carbon steels. In order to be a steel it has to contain iron, which rusts. The high chromium, and nickel content of SS is what helps it resist rusting. Some of the parts that the company I work for makes have to be passivated to remove the outer layer of exposed iron. Heat treating will also affect corrosion resistance.

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      Well, thank you for this info. I had no idea that s/s meant it stains less. Makes sense, now that you explained it. I have some knives that did get a bit of rust and had no idea why.

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        Hey breadchick! How've you been?

        The only thing my Bosch DW doesn't do well is knives. It's got the 3rd cutlery rack. Even though the knives are horizontal and spaced well apart, they almost always seem to come out with a rust spot or two. I got tired of polishing them and have been hand washing them for some time now.

        It's very odd. Spoons, forks, no worries. Knives? Rust.