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Oct 19, 2013 10:00 AM

pc plus program

is anyone signed up with loblaw's pc plus program? do you find you are getting lots of useful bonus point offers? what about ads and emails?

i found it kind of creepy with the tracking of your purchases, but i suppose they could do that at any time with any card you carry.

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  1. I signed up for the program, and receive a couple of emails per week (one with points offers based on my buying habits). Unfortunately, I find this program virtually useless. The discounts that are offered are small and I've always found Loblaws to be the most expensive grocery store, in general. I only shop there when the have sales, and those don't coincide with the PC points that they offer.

    1. We've already redeemed $80 in groceries since we started. Not only do you get the personal points you load to your card, there are also additional in-store points available (listed on cards under the product). The only complaint i have is that often the points for the next week will be for items you bought the week before and probably won't replenish until a few weeks later. But i do like that i'm getting points for things i would already buy anyway. Our weekly bill is approx. $70-125, and usually receive 2000-3500 points (20,000 gives you $20). Eh, what can i say? it was free to join and not that arduous to bring my card to the store each week. And given that we also shop at
      Costco and local markets, i'm not even maximizing my points potential. If you have room for another piece of plastic in your wallet
      and you go to Loblaws more than 2x/month, i'd say go for it.

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      1. re: Smorgasbord

        I have no problem with PC Points. I like them very much. Simple, straightforward, easy. (Although the best rewards program for me is easily Shopper’s Drug Mart’s Optimum program.)

        The PC Plus program is different and is a smart idea, but only if you have a smartphone or tablet, which I don’t have yet. Without a smartphone, how are you supposed to remember your loaded offers while in store? I suppose I can print them out at home, but I’m not gonna do that. Especially since I try to use as little paper as possible.

        Also, you aren’t told the PRICES of the items that have added PC points. To me, I don’t care how many extra points I can get by purchasing an item. If I don’t know the price I’m not interested in making the trip. If I knew the price of a featured item, and more importantly if it’s on sale, perhaps then I’d be more inclined make a special trip to purchase it and accumulate the PC points.

        When I have a smartphone I’ll likely start using PC Plus. Even then, I don’t think I’ll be a making special trip to earn 400 PC points on Kleenex napkins without knowing the actual price, but at least remembering my loaded offers would be easier.

        I have no problems with my purchases being tracked though. If it results in a more personalized shopping experience for me that's actually a very good thing. Not creepy at all. For me at least.

        1. re: Smorgasbord

          There's no way they can give you the prices. They don't know which store you're going to shop at. Prices will vary depending on the store.

          Keep in mind how inflated the points values are. They deliberately add on the zeros to make it seem like they're giving you something but 500 points is only equal to 5 cents! So don't ever buy anything based on the points you'll get. Just shop normally as if the points aren't there. It's a very sneaky marketing scheme.

          1. re: sbug206

            1000 points = $1.00
            so 500 points = $0.50

        2. I have found the offers rather useless. Has taken s 4 months (or however long the program has been running) to get 20,000 points. Too much "push" if product and it is *justthismuchoff* what I really need. I only buy what I need for my list/menu plan, and if it happens to have points, so be it.

          1. It works for me. I have a PC bank card that I use for all of my purchases at Loblaws anyway so I was already collecting points. I find that my points are accumulating much more quickly now. I haven't changed my shopping patterns and I don't buy all of my groceries at Loblaws.
            I agree about the tracking of purchases, kind of creepy but they were doing it anyway. At least now I benefit from it.
            If you do any grocery shopping at Loblaws I say give the program a try.

            1. I do not find this program useful for my grocery shopping pattern. I plan my grocery shopping on Thursday evenings and shop early on Friday morning.
              PCPlus email me the points info (to load) after 11:00 am Fridays.
              I don't have tablet/smartphone either, so by the time I get to my laptop - I've done 70% of my shopping.

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              1. re: knusprig

                You can sign into your account and load your offers before they E-mail you with them.