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Oct 19, 2013 08:58 AM

Penang - Hainanese-style coffee and kaya toast at Toh Soon Cafe

This old-style Hainanese cafe located in a dinghy side-street off Campbell Street is insanely popular among visitors to Penang. It's been featured in almost every other travelogue on Penang.

Serving Hainanese-style coffee - thick, aromatic and sweetened, patrons pack this ramshackle little cafe from as early as 7am on weekdays. To go with the aromatic brew are steamed or toasted bread, thickly smeared with "kaya" (egg-coconut milk custard) and butter. Little packets of Malay nasi lemak, topped with chillied shrimps and hard-boiled eggs, are also available.

Very atmospheric spot, but I'm still struggling to understand what all the fuss is about.

Address details
Toh Soon Cafe
Campbell Street (near intersection with Penang Road)
10100 Penang
Tel: +604 2613754

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  1. their kaya toast is so weird shaped?

    2 Replies
    1. re: Lau

      You're probably referring to Pic #5 - the steamed bread with finger press-marks (urp!) sandwiching kaya and butter :-D

    2. Amazing. Pity that we don't have places like this in Singapore anymore. That traditional way of toasting bread so close the the backstreet surface will never pass our Ministry of Health's hygiene guidelines. LOL!

      1. I drop by this place almost every other week (while the Mrs shop at Kuala Kangsar Lane market nearby). Usually come by 7.30am and you won't have problem to find seats. The kaya toast and half-boiled eggs are very popular. You can also try the nasi lemak and also the crispy curry puff with pickled onions which will be sold by an Indian curry puff man who comes by with his basket each morning.