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Oct 19, 2013 08:52 AM

November lunch in Plymouth

I would appreciate restaurant recommendations for lunch on a weekday afternoon in Plymouth in November for two senior women.

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  1. If you are in the mood for Mexican there is Sam Diego's or The East Bay Grill which is on the water and has a wide variety on the menu.

    1. If you like horrible almost Tex Mex fare loaded with cheap cheese, try Sam Diegos. The best of a bad lot is probably Blue Eyes Crab. Two senior may very well be happy with E. Bay Grill which is mediocre and a bit pricey for what it is. It's not really on the water either as there is a large parking lot between the building and the water. You could try Woods if you want fresh seafood fried or broiled. Nothing fancy but right on the water. A clam shack kind of place.

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        yes, we were surprised and delighted by the quality at Blue Eyed Crab.

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          I had terrible food and service at Blue Eyed Crab at the end of summer, but it was a busy weekend evening, so lunch may be better. I like the Wood's fish market and clam shack. I don't love East Bay, but it's serviceable and had a fine brunch there this summer. The view is better at Union Fish, and the food is just as good. There's an Italian place on Court St., Strega, that has views and is OK. Sabor is pretty good, probably a nice spot for ladies to lunch.

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            I'm not a Blue Eyed Crab fan either. I just mention it on Plymouth iso threads as many generally say they enjoy it. Strega's a decent choice for two women of age for a potentially nice lunch. Good idea!

      2. parapraxis...I would humbly suggest that you and your friend go to the East Bay Grill. They have free valet parking and although the food is not great, the service and the view is wonderful. I think it will be a lovely luncheon spot. Each summer on my way to the Cape, the is my "pit stop". I love the fact that I do not have to worry about parking and I just enjoy the break from the traffic. But, as I said, the food is nothing special...not horrible, just meh. I hope that you have a wonderful lunch!

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          If you want better food close to Route 3, try Rye Tavern in the Pinehills off Exit 3. It is by far the best place in that vicinity. Solstice in Kingston is not bad either, probably better than all of the places in Plymouth.

          1. re: CportJ

            Absolutely true on both recs but unfortunately, neither do lunch.

        2. Many thanks for all of your replies.
          Plymouth was chosen as a mid-way point to meet, even though we were aware of the mediocre restaurant reviews for the town overall.
          It was a chilly mid-week day in November, and the parking area as well as restaurants were sparsely populated.
          We went to the Blue-Eyed Crab and were satisfied with good service and well-prepared and plated food. Very adequate for our needs.
          Thanks again.