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Oct 19, 2013 08:50 AM

Korean BBQ in Richmond tonight!

Dinner and a movie in Richmond tonight - the kids have a hankering for Korean BBQ. There's just too many conflicting reviews out there - can anyone help a sista out with some good recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Gang Nam (Empire Centre) on #3 Rd

    1. I've only been for KBBQ once in Rmd and it was meh. The place was in the old Sichuan restaurant that closed off of Westminster Hwy across from the market if that's any help in terms of avoiding.

      Love the new avatar!

      1. Does good KBBQ actually exist? I am pretty sure it is all 'meh'.

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          The epicenter of good KBBQ is really in Burquitlam (Lougheed Mall area).

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            Thanks everyone - I think we might try Gang Nam (what a name...) since it'll be on our way to the theatres. I guess I'm not looking for fantastic bbq - just ok will do for tonight - the kids always get a kick out of cooking their own meat.

            Thanks Greyelf! That's my fur baby, Lulu.

            1. re: Quattrociocchi

              Gangnam is like the Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills in LA or the Upper East Side (Manhattan) areas of Seoul:


              Pronounced 'gung-nahm'.

              It's the only time I've been to a KBBQ resto in Richmond. For someone else's b-day party. The b-day girl is Korean, and she and her family ordered for the whole table so I just followed along and ate happily:


        2. Just a quick update - when to Gang Nam last night - trying to find the place is nutty - the address says #3 Road but they face Hazelbridge?? Anyways, had the Combo B which says it serves 2-3 - well it served 4 plus leftovers. For me, the meat was ok but I loved the Jap Chae and the spicy pork Bibimbap. Dinner for 4 was under $50 - now where can you do that nowadays?? Overall - a recommend - just don't have stellar expectations (which I didn't).

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          1. re: Quattrociocchi

            I must admit, even at some of the "better" Korean places where I've had KBBQ, I haven't been transported. I seem to always end up liking the pancakes and other stuff the best. So glad LR's recco worked out for you. Was Lulu the recipient of the leftovers? ;-)

            1. re: grayelf

              Yes - and today she has garlic breath!

            2. re: Quattrociocchi

              Glad Gangnam worked out for ya, QC !

              Maybe I'll take my fam there next time to do my own exploration to get a better feel. The price sure sounds right, as my (much) earlier experiences at other K restos is things can get expensive fast.

              I don't have a good handle on the quality reference points for the BBQs meats themselves, either self-bbq at table or pre-bbq'd. Our K neighbours upstairs who occasionally invite us up for BBQ in the summer does the same deal all the time, short ribs. I mean, they are really dang good short ribs at that but it seems to be their only BBQ repertoire.

              I did have a spectacular lunch meal at Sura on Robson a few months ago. It was the $20 set (each adult got one) and each set could have easily fed TWO for dinner. The BBQ meats were quite good.