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Oct 19, 2013 08:06 AM

recommendations for a dairy free meal shake?

I used to purchase the Kashi Go Lean shakes in chocolate and vanilla. Apparently they've been discontinued. (boo!) They were very tasty, handy when I had to grab and go, and high in protein while being dairy free. I know I could make shakes at home. I'm looking for something for those mornings when I'm running to the pool or to work and I don't have time to make one.

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  1. I use almond milk for my protein shakes. Other options include coconut milk, soy milk, Calorie Countdown milk alternative - there are a plethora of flavors & choices.

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      Oh, I don't know how I missed that you were looking for pre-made shakes. Sorry!

    2. It sounds like you are looking for a premade portable protein shake...? There are very few for sale that are dairy free- aka not made with any milk, whey, casein or milk proteins.
      Odwalla makes a great vanilla soy and chocolate soy protein shake (sold refridgerated) so does the brand Bolthouse. But you're basically looking for a premade vegan product.... Not many out there.

      The excellent blog hungryhungryhippie has a great list of vegan protein powders reviewed-it would save you considerable $$ to buy a blender bottle, non dairy milk amd the protein powder. It might take five minutes total. Her reviews here:


        I buy the "vegan vanilla" protein powder from Biochem off amazon and really like it. Amazing grass "amazing meal vanilla" is also vegan and excellent, includes additional vitamins and minerals

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          thanks! I'll check out your suggestions.
          I was in whole foods yesterday and got Svelte shakes - in chocolate and french vanilla. If I like it I'll have to find a less expensive retailer tho - it was $3.29 for each single serving container. blech.

          1. re: jujuthomas

            Did you find one you like that is premade? Curious for myself.... And i saw that Svelte is sold on amazon, $32 for 12

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              I'm trying the Svelte - it's not something I need every day thank goodness, they are very sweet. I'm thinking they'd be a lot tastier if I had a few minutes to whiz up a piece of fruit in them.
              Thanks for the amazon tip, I was going to check there before I purchased any more. :)

        2. has anyone tried Silk's fruit and protein drink? I was tempted to purchase some at the grocery store, but a half gallon seems a big commitment if it sucks. Maybe I can find an single serve container to try it?
          I did get another dairy free protein shake yesterday at WF, it's got soy and chia in it. I will post the name this evening.

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            The Silk fruit and protein has a ton of sugar and not so much protein- and its crazy sweet. Not a balanced or satisfying meal replacement.
            A good premade dairy free high protein drink is really hard to come by, and can be expensive.
            The odwalla vanilla soy protein smoothie is pretty good, note the serving size since the 16oz bottle is two.

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              Thanks for the tip on the Silk...
              I've been looking for the Odwalla soy protein smoothies - so far haven't located them to try. I'll keep looking. :)
              The svelte vanilla was really good - lots of vanilla flavor.
              I actually made my own one day this week with tofu, soy milk, cocoa powder, PB2 and a banana... it was very good! I just don't have time to make one in the mornings.

              1. re: jujuthomas

                You have time! I just put all my ingredients in the blender the night before (latest favorite is blueberries, vega's vanilla almondilla protein powder, fresh spinach, almond milk and a gob of almond butter) and i put the blender container in the fridge. In the morning i toss in a few ice cubes and blitz!

                Odwalla's website has a store finder here:

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  great minds think alike - I checked their store finder last night, and it appears the Giant I don't usually visit has the protein monster shakes. Since I need a few things today I'm going to look at what they have!
                  good point on putting it together the night before and whizzing it up in the morning. I'll have to give that a go.

          2. Although the are a little more on the $ side, I like Oddwalla's soy protein shakes (be careful, some of their protein shakes have whey in them). I have a dairy allergy and have often been in a position where I need supplements like Boost or Ensure, but neither of those worked for me as they do have (albiet sometimes small) amounts of dairy in them.

            I think the one I usually get it the Oddwalla Super Protien. I also like them as they're not sweetened with HFCS like some meal replacement shakes are. Yes, I know, I could make my own, but that would pretty much wipe out the convenience element for me!

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              I took pics of the two that are soy protein- i love that they clearly label things! The mango is yummy...

              1. re: Ttrockwood

                I'll have to keep looking... or look again. I think I saw the mango super protein and didn't get it. only question, where did I see it? :) I love mango