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Oct 19, 2013 07:29 AM

Oysters Jim Brady Recipe

'I had these years ago at Delmonico's.

Decadent oyster goodness.

Amazingly, Google cannot spit out a recipe.

Anyone have one?


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  1. describes OJB as baked with bacon, tomato, shallots and Bearnaise. However, the current Delmonicos menu on menupages says ODJB Ranhofer Style is spinach, champagne cream, pancetta and cheese. The first sounds better to me, because I don't like cheese on oysters.

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      Thanks, mwhitmore. I saw those descriptions, too, and agree that the first one sounds better. But maybe put that on a bed of a spinach saute. @ c oliver. I will fiddle around and post results.

      If someone has really had these at Delmonico's, can you please post what you remember about them?!

    2. Both of these sound tempting to me. I wish someone would fiddle around with it and post results.

      1. Another option is Oysters "Diamond Jim Brady" with Blue Point Oyster, Smoked Bacon Lardon, Champagne, Creme, and Crucolo Cheese. Absolutely delicious.