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Oct 19, 2013 07:16 AM

Best Blender Revisited

I've been perusing articles and posts about the best blender. But other than the recently re-done CI reviews, which I think were done last year, the majority of what I've found is at least a few years old.

I'm not ready to spend the $ on a Vitamix right now, and definitely don't want to spend more than $200. Consumer Reports says the Ninja Master Prep Professional, which is only $60, outdid the Vitamix in their tests. But I also found some more negative reviews of the same blender on other sites. Also, this particular model has multiple bowls which I'm not necessarily happy about since we have very limited storage space. I know the Ninja also has a few other models that weren't as highly reviewed.

The other one I'm looking at is the CI top choice, the Breville. Haven't seen very much about the Kitchenaid models and am curious about those. Anyone have any experience with the Ninja, and have any thoughts on them vs. Breville vs. Kitchenaid?

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  1. I have a NutriBullet for my veggie smoothies, which I love. The only problem I had with it was that the blade part was leaking and they replaced it without any fuss whatsoever. The replacement blade, when I turned it over and looked at it, has a metal brace, so obviously they learned from the complaints and fixed the problem. No more leaks.

    But, the other day, I was walking in a store and saw that there are now many more competitors in these appliances probably trying to edge out NutriBullet and Ninja, etc. Oster has a Versa model now which says it will "Crush Ice with 1400 Watts of Power and 28,000 RPM." It's listed as selling for $249.99 (a lot less than a Vitamix) but not sure if it's any good. Would love to hear if any one else has tried it or any of the other models (like the GNC Super On the Go blender (600 watts) that are coming out lately to fend off the NutriBullet/Ninja craze.

    1. Here's the tricky thing about blenders: the best one is going to depend on what kinds of features you're looking for and how you'll use your blender.

      The vitamix is the best on the market IF you're looking for a blender that will create very smooth textures and/or a blender that's very durable. If your concerns are budget or added features or even user-friendliness, it won't be the best option.

      You've already mentioned budget, but what are your other criteria? Do you care more about blending power, programmability, durability, ease of washing, countertop real estate, or a large capacity... iced smoothies, hot soups, textured chutneys, etc?

      Unfortunately, there is no one machine on the market right now that is best in all of these areas.

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        Re: "Do you care more about blending power, programmability, durability, ease of washing, countertop real estate, or a large capacity... iced smoothies, hot soups, textured chutneys, etc?"

        Aren't most people looking for one that can do all of that (like the Vitamix) only less expensive? It seems like, to me, that all these blenders are trying to come into the market to try and grab those who are looking for the Vitamix but can't afford it. I would think that's probably why we seem to always be comparing these blenders, whether in comparison tests (see YouTube), ratings or personal experience comments to the results of a Vitamix. Perhaps we are then isolating what characteristics of the Vitamix we are willing to forfeit or compromise on in order to afford a different blender? As we try various blenders and people report their results, it gives each of us more information on which blenders are closer to the Vitamix results and which characteristics I'd have to settle for if I bought "brand name" blender.

        At least that's what I'm looking for, something as close to the capabilities of a Vitamix but for less cost. Would LOVE to have a Vitamix, but it's just so doggone expensive. The cost of a Vitamix could pay heating and electrical bills, but that doesn't take away our need for a great blender so that the food we prepare for ourselves and our families would be great as well, IMHO. Do you use a Vitamix? They just seem like they can do everything.

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          Yes, ditto! I may break down and get the Vitamix one day, but definitely not ready to take the plunge yet.