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Are you hungry after a bowl of oatmeal?

I like a warm bowl of oatmeal once in a while. I cook it for a while with a banana , blueberries and almond milk. Then top it with a little almond butter. So good, but I'm starving like an hour later. If I just have coffee and a Greek yogurt or an egg I'm good for hours. Anybody else like this? Everyone I know think this very odd, my sister tells me if she has oatmeal she can go past lunch sometimes.

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  1. This is not odd. You need more protein in your breakfast.
    I'd stir in an egg or up the almond butter, use a milk that has more protein and see how you feel.

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      Yeah, maybe next time I will up the almond butter. I don't eat oatmeal very often, but on some cold morning it is all that I want.
      Thank you.

    2. no; but then when I have it, it's a big bowl

      1. Only if someone else ordered a cheeseburger.

        1. I have found there are a few things that make a big difference for me- the quick cook steel cut oats keep me full longer than regular instant, adding an egg while cooking makes me really full- or instead of the egg i top my bowl with a glob of greek yogurt. Stirring in flax seeds or chia seeds can make it more filling, or adding in a chopped apple (more fiber than a banana)
          You kind of have to experiment to see what works for you...

          1. Oatmeal is pretty filling for me, as far as carbohydrate sources go. Especially steel-cut oats, but I have to have something higher in protein along with it. I've lifted weights for a long time and have to have a decent amount of protein with every meal or I get that aching protein hunger regardless of how many carbs or how much fat I eat.

            Eggs satisfy that protein hunger for me, but not for very long. I could eat a huge 6-egg omelet and I would still be hungry 2 hours later. Eggs are one of the fastest digesting proteins, so they don't fill me up for long. Not like meat, fish, or dairy do, or even nuts.

            1. Yep! I try to remember to add nuts when making oatmeal. That helps a little.

              1. I have the same situation with oatmeal. I only recently discovered that if I stir in quite a lot of wheat germ, which adds fat and protein, that I can usually go past lunch before I get hungry. This is a savory dish for me, so maybe some butter with whatever 'milk' I am using, but no sweetening. Love it.

                1. No. I find that a bowl of oatmeal fills me up, and I often easily skip lunch.


                  1. Oatmeal is high in fiber, so it should leave you satisfied. You can try increasing your portion size, OR try including sliced apples in your meal as well.
                    (Apples are just more fiber to help make you feel fuller).

                    1. Depends on the size of the bowl.

                      1. Yes. SO hungry. It's ridiculous. Even when I add chia seeds, peanut butter, nuts ....

                        1. I agree that it seems your body wants more protein to help maintain a level blood sugar. There is natural sugar in the banana & blueberries, and possibly some added sugar to your almond milk.

                          If you're adding any sugar to your oatmeal, that would increase the effect of a blood sugar spike when you eat, then a drop in an hour or so which will make you feel hungry!

                          1. Some people need more of a protein load in the morning; others more of a carb load. It varies body to body and over time. Listen to your body, and no one else's.

                            1. Like Bill H, oatmeal fills me up through lunch. Which makes for early dinners.

                              If you feel that the lack of protein might be a factor in your getting hungry, I have found that a couple 4 rashers of bacon will be a tasty addition to one of the most boring breakfast foods ever.

                              1. This happens with me as well, and I always wondered why people see oatmeal as a hearty breakfast because I usually want lunch by about 10am if oatmeal is all I've eaten in the morning. My bowls of oatmeal are pretty large, so I don't think it's the size. It makes sense that for those who add a lot of other nuts, etc., that it would be more filling.

                                I likely should be eating more protein in general, so this may be part of my problem...