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Oct 19, 2013 06:44 AM

Looking for cherry-flavoured cake recipe (not cake with whole cherries!)

Hi, I'm looking for a recipe for a cake, where cherries (possibly blended to paste) are incorporated into the batter, so that the whole batter is cherry-flavoured. I'm looking for something similar to a standard moist banana cake/bread, where you mash bananas and add it into the batter. It's my boyfriend's birthday wish, he has amazing imagination :/ Any ideas? I'm thinking about just replacing bananas in my banana cake recipe, but I don't want to screw up...
(Btw this is my first time posting on Chowhound, sorry if I didn't do something correctly.)

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  1. I have finally cobbled together the ingredients (cherry preserves are hard to find) to make an all-cherry version of the cake linked here:

    I plan to puree canned cherries in place of the applesauce, and to use dry cherries instead of raisins. I'll use almond extract rather than vanilla, because almonds and stone fruits are related, and play well with one another.

    If you are less adventurous, there are cake mixes with cherry flavoring and you could always use the juice from canned cherries in place of some of the liquid called for, then top with canned cherry pie filling. You could include chocolate-covered cherries in the decoration, maybe poke the candles into them.

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      ETA: Only partially cherry, and easy-to-google, the Rose of Persia cake combines dried cherries, lemon, pistachio, chickpea flour, rosewater, and cherry juice. Its ingredients are not standard North American, but the cake itself has poundcake-like familiarity.

    2. Sour Cherry Cake (recipe from my MIL)
      1 1/2 c sugar
      1 1/8 c shortening (can sub butter)
      1 1/3 c reserved cherry juice
      1 1/2 t cinnamon
      3/4t allspice
      1 1/2 t baking soda
      3/4t baking powder
      3c flour
      3 c sour cherries drained well (these come in cans or jars)

      Sift dry ingredients and set aside.cream shortening and sugar. Beat in eggs. Add dry ingredients alternatively with cherry juice. Fold in cherries. Pour into 2 9inch round layers. Bake 30to35min at 350 degrees, or springs back when lightly touched. Cool and frost with cream cheese frosting.

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        Sorry, yes the are whole cherries, but they are soft and lovely in this cake!

      2. This recipe uses strawberries,
        but it might be a good beginning for your plan. Maybe a little almond flavor would be good in this, instead of the cinnamon and orange flavors.

        1. Also, you can search Maraschino Cherry Cake and find great recipes. This cake is lovely and delicious....and retro. I always thought it would be great with a bourbon frosting, like a Manhattan....