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Oct 19, 2013 06:32 AM

Wedding Gift - Fondue Pot

A girlfriend of mine is getting married in a few months time. She asked me 3 years ago that if she "ever gets married, can you buy me a found pot?".
Do I keep my word? Or do I buy her a dutch oven (or something else) because realistically it's much more practical?

I'm pretty certain she would only use it for dipping strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows in chocolate.

Australia doesn't have a huge choice and they all seem 'for show' but perhaps this is all she needs?

Alternatively I'm currently in Paris and can drop by E.Dehillerin quite easily. Granted postage to Australia is crazy expensive, perhaps tax to pay, and the fear of the item being broken in transit.

What are people thoughts? Do I just buy a pretty fondue pot in Australia, buy something lovely in Paris, or perhaps pick up a dutch oven instead?

Thanks for any input :-)

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    1. I would take her at face value, buy a fondue pot, and include the gift receipt. Maybe remind her that she wanted one. Not sure if they sell these in Austrailia, but I have a great stainless steel one made by Cuisenart.,

      1. I'd say just get it. She's going to be newly married, is probably a bit young and just wants to enjoy. It's not all about practicality and I think she'll find the gift that much more meaningful that you remembered her request. Can you pack it in your carry on or check in? Will be safer that way.

        And thanks for the note, I will have to see what these dehillerin fondue pots are about! I Will be here til Dec.

        1. If that's what she wants, get it (assuming its in your budget). It's a bit patronizing to not buy someone an item they specifically asked for just because they won't use it in the way you think they should. However, if you think she just said it in offhand way and didn't really want one, ask! Or just send money :)

          1. Thanks all. She is early 20's and just wants to settle down and have chocolate fondue with friends on a Friday night. Sounds pretty good to me. I'm travelling for 3 months and am not able to travel with any additional weight, so I'll keep an eye out in France, and on my way East for a really nice fondue pot. Otherwise I'll pick one up in Australia. I might dress it up with a Microplain Grater, as it's one of those items that you never really know how useful it is until you get a good one,

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              With your gift perhaps on the card say something like "remember that time you said to me.........."