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Oct 19, 2013 06:05 AM

The Never-Ending Food Processor Debate

So, I'm in the market to replace my food processor. I've had a 7 cup Cuisinart for some time. I bought it used so it's not in the best shape visually (also it got left on a hot stove recently and the side warped, which drives me crazy), but it still works fine. My biggest complaint with it is that there are too many nooks and crannies where food gets trapped -- we don't have a dishwasher so it's especially hard to clean for us.

In general I tend to be of the mindset that when I get new cookware it's worth spending a little to get something that is really high-quality and really going to last. That being said, if there's no need to break the bank, I'd prefer not to.

One thing I'd really like is to have the option of multi-sized bowls, which I know the Kitchenaid, Breville, and Magimix have, but I haven't seen on any of the cuisinarts. The latter two are quite pricey, though, and they'd need to offer more than a few extra accessories to justify the cost.

As far as size goes, even though I cook a lot I've actually been fine with the 7 cup capacity, since I use my hand blender for soups, etc. And space is an issue, so no need to go for the hugest size.

Thoughts? Is the Magimix or the Breville really worth twice the cost of the others? Kitchenaid vs. Cuisinart? I have reviewed some other posts about this, but wanted some advice that might be more specific to what I'm looking for.

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  1. Bumping this one up, as I'm considering the Breville splurge.
    Any advice for us?

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      Would love to revive this thread. I am finally considering taking the plunge. Still torn about whether the Magimix is worth the splurge. The reviews I read seem to indicate that it is definitely better than the cuisinarts, but not that much better to justify the double price tag.

      Right now I'm leaning towards the magimix. Particularly as I just saw the juicer attachment that they sell with it, since I have been wanting a juicer but don't have the space for an added appliance.

      Haven't heard that much about the Breville.

      1. re: arielleeve

        Is Magimix available in North America?

    2. The Magimix is made by Robot Coup in France, the manufacturer of the original Cuisinart, the CFP 5, which we have been using since it came out in the '70s. Still going strong.

      1. I wore out a late 70s vintage Cuisinart...finally wearing it out. I looked long and hard, read a lot of reviews and ended up buying a Magimix. Yes it was a bit more costly, but I have used the shizzle out of it and it asks for more.

        I like equipment that works, stuff that will take a pounding and asks for more.

        The Magimix is doing that so far.

        1. I know there's been a lot of Cuisinart Elite bashing around here but I love mine and have been using it for a couple of years without a single disappointment. They seem to pop up in heavily discounted deals around Black Friday.

          1. We bought one of the early Cuisinarts made by Robot Coup in France and our daughter is still using it. My wife wanted a smaller processor, bought a KitchenAid, also made in France, we've had it for years with no issues. Magimix is the last of the French made food processors. Overall, I've had very good luck and have been pleased with the quality of French or European cooking equipment. They take a lot of pride in their cooking and thus in the equipment they manufacture. I have not had this same experience with products made in China or Asia. What I have found is that companies transfer their manufacturing to China, lower the quality and don't lower the price. You continue to pay for the Brand Name, but you don't get the quality of product that established that brand name. I have found this to be true of not only cooking impliments, but tools and products of all types. If I were going to pay the extra money for a product, I wouldn't pay it for something made in China or one of the other low cost manufacturing countries in Asia. So I would spring for the Magimix.