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Oct 19, 2013 05:06 AM

Food and drink to have around for the man in your life

What are your go to items to have in the pantry or fridge, to prepare a simple snack or drink for your guy at the end of a long day?

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  1. Since each man is so different, it just depends on his taste.

    1. Same things I would want after a long day! A well stocked bar.

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        Yeah, why would it vary? The other evening Bob had a small wedge of cheese and I had Cheetos.

      2. Being a straight guy, I don't have a guy in my life.

        I do have a guyess, though. It was she who worked the long days (before we retired) - the relaxation, then and now, was to cook together, rather than one or other of us preparing food for the other.

        As for drinks, she always makes her own - which suits me fine as I've been on the wagon since 1999. And, before that, she always reckoned that no-one but herself could correctly make a gin & tonic. One of us could always open a bag of cashew nuts, by way of a snack.

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        1. As a guy, I suggest Bazzini pistachios.

          1. The original comment has been removed