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Oct 19, 2013 02:40 AM

Best Christmas Cookies

hello everyone,
I have arranged Christmas party at my home. I have invited my friends and relatives in this party. I am thinking of making something different this time.
i thought about cookies. But I am not getting about any new flavors. Can anyone please suggest me a new flavor of cookies for this year Christmas party.??
Thank you..

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  1. In my home and the homes of most my friends Christmas cookies are all about traditions not the newest thing. Why not tell us what kind cookies you usually make and what you do/don't like about them. Maybe one our traditions will be "new" to you?

    Also check out a search of this site for Christmas Cookies. There are literally HUNDREDS of threads on them. Could be fin reading thru them for ideas.

    1. Earl Grey Tea cookies are an easy-to-make shortbread cookie with a nice flavor from the dry tea that's mixed into the batter.

      Chai crescents from the 2007 Minneapolis Star Tribune cookie contest were delicious.

      Chocolate Covered Cherry cookies are labor intensive, but worth it! An online version of recipe that's close to the one I use is here - I use 1/2 tsp soda, this recipe calls for 1/4 tsp. And I get 4-dozen (36) cookies from a batch so must make mine smaller. That requires about another half-jar of cherries.

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        hello MidwesternerT,
        thanks for sharing this wonderful links. I'll surely try one them.

      2. How about Savory cookies this year? I've seen recipes for herb and cheese cookies that go great with wine.

        1. I think you should make 2-3 types of cookies. How many people are you serving? Some recipes are changeable enough to make a few flavors. Maybe one dough for 2 cookies and then a separate cookie.

          It's nice to mix up the styles too - bar, drop, rolled, etc.

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            hmm.. this is nice idea... thank you so much for yous response. And i am going to serve approximately 30 to 35 people.

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              Google "cookie dough recipe with variations" and that will give you ideas for a base dough and what you can add to it. Maybe make 2-3 types of cookies with this dough. Try to make then look a little different, looks is a big factor with cookies.

              Then for a 3rd type make them different, bar cookies or something.

          2. I am assuming you mean new, for you? My most popular are Rainbow Cookies, rugalach, World Peace, bourbon balls, NY style bakery cookies (sandwich dipped in chocolate on one end) and Linzer tarts. After 40 years, these are the ones that people request, and tell me I HAVE to make.

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              Rugalach is a great suggestion. Works well for a crowd.

              It's simple enough to double or triple the pastry ingredients and then you can fill each round you roll out with a different filling before cutting and forming the crescents.