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Oct 19, 2013 02:13 AM

What to eat in Charleston

I have already decided where to eat on my upcoming trip to Charleston. We have dinner reservations at Cru Cafe, FIG, Circa 1886, SNOB and Husk as well as Sunday Brunch at High Cotton. So now my question is WHAT to eat?

Are there any standout dishes that are recommended at the above restaurants? Any local specialties that are not to be missed?

Thanks in advanced for any comments and suggestions.

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  1. The standout for me at Husk was the smoked tomatoes - they were in season and in almost every dish. Amazingly simple, but wonderful. I also had the Wagyu sirloin, which was excellent but nothing new or special. My husband enjoyed the shrimp and grits. Tomatoes made the meal.

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    1. re: NonnieMuss

      Thanks for the comments. Seems like what would be best at Husk is whatever s in season. I'll be there in 2 weeks!

      1. re: AWG

        I just checked the menu - smoked tomatoes are still on there - keep your fingers crossed for the next two weeks. I doubt Charleston will have a cold snap this early. Looks like the menu changes daily-ish.

        They're also super nice about kitchen tours - we were invited to look at the smoker and preparations in the backyard and they told us about the different kinds of wood they use.

        That's about all I can say, as I'm now eaten up with jealousy.

        1. re: NonnieMuss

          Yes! I see the roasted fennel, eggplant and Smoky Tomatoes as a side and also with the catfish.

    2. If you're still looking, at looking at lunch, I'd also recommend Two Boroughs Larder, Butcher and Bee, and Xiao Bao Biscuit.

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        yes my friends in town really like Butcher and Bee

        1. re: zwzwzw

          So many choices; So little time.

        2. I also love Grocery, with a great bar menu too. I go to Fig and Circa every time I'm in town. I love Hominy Grill at lunch, though lots of folks like breakfast there with the Big Nasty biscuit w/ red eye gravy. Charleston is all about the shrimp and grits and the she crab soup. I personally like all the veggie casserole sides. Okra everything. Fried everything! This is the south! Everyone I was with at Husk raved about pork cheek and pig's ears, but I'm a mostly vegan (well, in Charleston there is bacon in every veg so you just have to squint and not look too closet) so can't help you there. Have fun.

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          1. re: Margaret Santa Monica

            Thanks MSM,
            I am sure we will not leave Charleston without eating some shrimp n grits and SheCrab soup, and we look forward to enjoying some pork dishes as well.

            I usually avoid fried stuff, but when in the south....

          2. FIG - Absolutely get a fish dish for entree, and absolutely get one or more of the side vegetable dishes "for the table". Other fab things there are the beautiful salads and caper's blades oysters if they are offered. Dessert is the only thing I skip at FIG.

            Cru - I'm not sure they offer it at dinner or not, but the Shrimp BLT at Cru is spectacular. Everyone I know loves it. Their Mac and Cheese has a big following, but it's too rich for me.

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            1. re: danna

              Thanks for the tips danna!

              I am usually not big for desserts. Is there one place on my list that I should not skip dessert?

              1. re: AWG

                I like the desserts at Husk. However, I would urge you to go to McCrady's and order dessert at the bar. Sean Ehland is doing great, great things there.

                1. re: cocobinga

                  Thanks for the rec. It would probably suit me better to have a break after dinner and then go somewhere else for a dessert. Sounds like McCrady's is the place.

                2. re: AWG

                  You have to eat dessert in Charleston. Sometimes you have to eat it with lunch, too...

                  1. re: Margaret Santa Monica

                    Ha, Ha!
                    Actually, I am more likely to crave sweets after lunch than after dinner.

                  2. re: AWG

                    although not on your list, I agree w/ cocobinga that McCrady's has exceptional desserts. I tend to skip dessert at restaurants unless there is something that grabs me. i'm a huge dessert lover, but I'm always stuffed in Charleston for some reason!