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Oct 18, 2013 09:37 PM

Good apples

Someone on the CBC was talking about the exceptional apple harvest this year in Ontario. So where can you find these apples in Toronto? None of the big grocery stores, including Longos, have anything decent and I'm sure some are still selling last year's stock. I'm looking for crisp, tart and sweet apples. Macouns perhaps? Got some a few years ago near Perth and they were amazing.

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  1. For quality, variety and price, you have to go to the apples. It's that simple. It's a great apple year, especially compared to the near-collapse of last year's harvest. Start here or just Google "Ontario apples."

    Supermarkets and urban "farmer's" market either scrimp on quality or overcharge(e.g., the extortionate prices on over-hyped HoneyCrisps).

    1. IVe found some great apples at some of the fruit markets in Kensington. Particularly the one on Kensington ave south of seven lives- they had macouns, honey crisps, ginger golds, and delicious jona golds to name a few but at least 10 varieties I bet. Most varieties for only $0.99/lb. honey crisp were $1.29. Delicious and fresh ontario apples.

      Fiesta farms often has great ontario produce but I haven't been to check it out lately.

      1. I'll add that I was just there last week. I am an apple enthusiast and can eat pounds and pounds of them - if you like tart and crisp try jona gold. I love this apple! You can tell they are fresh when they're still crisp, they go mealy quickly.

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          Jonagolds "tart?" Don't think so. Actually quite sweet. They keep a bit better than the Golden Delicious they're crossed from.

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            The ones I've had this year are kind of sweet-tart. Not Granny Smith tart but more than just sweet.

        2. Rowe Farms has an excellent selection of ontario apples - ginger golds, honey crisps and I think about four other varieties.

          1. Badali's Fruit Market on Bayview south of Eglinton...great apples...get my Russet fix every year and they have a good variety of other apples...not the cheapest but my go to place.

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              Thanks! Badali's is close by. I never would have thought of it. And thanks to everyone else for the suggestions.