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Oct 18, 2013 09:12 PM

Sendai Takejiro Ramen at Mitsuwa this weekend

They offered 2 types: 1. traditional tonkotsu shoyu ramen 2. Spicy tonkotsu shoyu ramen.

We tried both bowls, usually we prefer the traditional ramen, but after comparing both bowls side by side, everyone preferred the Spicy ramen. Typical Japanese level of spiciness as it was not really hot. Broth was rich, strong on saltiness, and noodles were excellent by being firm and chewy. Just the way I like them. Btw, I was told by the chef that the noodles and soup were brought over from Tokyo!

The spicy ramen bowl is worth a try if your in the area or a ramen freak.

-no runny egg
-flimsy plastic spoon, may want to bring your own ceramic spoon for the purist/foodie (typical of these special events)

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  1. Got it. Will bring my special "Tohoku Food Event" spoon along...

    1. Awesome.. I have deep regrets for missing Ezo fukurou's miso ramen from Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Festival a month or so ago so I'll definitely find some time to check it out. Was anyone able to try Ezofukurou's miso ramen btw?

      1. Got the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen (spicy might be the biggest overstatement...I had to ask to make sure it wasn't the regular) based on your recommendations, as well as a shrimp tempura and ikura w/ salted salmon onigiri from the extremely nice people from Omusubi Gonbei. Broth was outstanding and IMO had no detectable spiciness at all but was definitely a delicious and solid bowl of ramen, chashu was non-circular pork belly that was flavorful and meltingly tender...very close to perfection.

        The onigiri was decent I wish there was a bit more ikura though the salmon was definitely the best cooked salmon I've had in recent memory (perfectly seasoned, not salty at all and surprisingly moist). They truly celebrate the type of rice they use which I overlooked due to the flavor of the ingredients used in it, so if you're a fan of good rice I suggest ordering a plain or grilled one with no fillings as well (decently priced at ~$1.60-$2.60 each)

        Get over there while you still can.