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Oct 18, 2013 07:15 PM

Why is Blackstones Steakhouse in MT Kisco Always Empty?

I've been to this restaurant at least a dozen times and each time
I've walked out happy and pleased that such a quality restaurant was
In my neighborhood. People I know that appreciate good food and dining
think the steaks, seafood and the other dishes are excellent, so why is it
always empty? I don't get it. I do get that it's probably pricier than other
places in the area but Flames isn't inexpensive and I enjoy my
meals more at Blackstones which is equally as good as all the other Peter Luger knock-offs I've been to Including Wolfgangs and Benjamin's.
Can someone shed some light here?

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  1. Here is what I posted about why I won't go back. We liked it the first time but I have to say that I do not like the atmosphere at all:

    Went back to Blackstones last night and I think it will be the last time. Somehow, all of the good parts of the first visit were not evident this time. Perhaps since they have now been around for a bit, they were not trying as hard. What changed? Well, first off, yesterday was a humid day and the space seemed more dungeon-like. It was stuffy and uncomfortable until they finally upped the AC. While there were a ton of servers around, none of them, except one, were attentive. And while service was not particularly attentive, it was too fast. We were in and out in under an hour, and for that money, I really prefer more laid back service. The appetizer was still good - we shared the sizzling bacon, but its bacon. What can be bad? We shared the porterhouse for two and the steak was not as good as the first time. Some pieces were fine, some were a bit grizzly. And I asked for the home made steak sauce which was great the first time. When they brought it out it was congealed - like jelly. I sent it back and a waiter returned with it and explained that they keep it in the fridge so it's just cold. Wait, cold? Why would I want to put cold steak sauce on my hot steak? I sent back the steak sauce jelly and opted for BĂ©arnaise. We also got a side of mushrooms. Everything, with the exception of the bacon, needed salt. Next time we want a porterhouse for two, we'll go back to Chophouse. The steak was better than this and at $60 for two including sauce and two sides, it's a much better value. No wonder you can't get in there last minute but can go to Blackstone's whenever you want!

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      Thanks for that wincountrygirl. I do like Chophouse as well.
      I guess that answers my question.