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Oct 18, 2013 05:45 PM

Returned from New Orleans

Well again thanks for all the information from "y'all".
My friends insisted on eating at The Italian Barrel. Loved the small 8 table dinning room. The veal chop was wonderful but a pricy special. The Mushroom and truffle ravioli was incredible! My veal and mushrooms was very good but not great. Wine was expensive.
Then walked over to the Spotted Cat which was just perfect for listening to jazz and people watching! Riverboat ride was great because I loved the idea of floating down the Mississippi and drinking a cooling southern drink. Also visited Laura Plantation which was a great learning experience and enjoyable. Oak Alley plantation is a few miles away and not as different from other grand estates for pretty and loved sipping my Mint Julep on the porch. Enjoyed being out of the city and getting a flavor of southern life.
Of course went to Cafe du monde for beignets and coffee and again it is just so yummy. Also loved having grits and sausage for breakfast another day.
Acme Oyster was supreme! Napoleon's was fun to sit at the bar and have a drink but the cheese plate was not great. Pat O'Brian's for a hurricane is now very mass produced in the afternoon at least. It is lovely to sit in the outdoor patio there and enjoy the atmosphere (last trip did the dueling pianos which was a lot of fun). Muriel for lunch was in a beautiful setting and very good. Enjoyed rock music at the Famous Door on Bourbon St.
Duck poppers at Bourne were terrific and dinner was very good.
Best was August, so delicious and flavors were exceptional.
My friends love-love Nola's.
Commander's Palace is one of my favorites!
Just some info for those planning their trips.

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  1. That sounds like you hit many of the high spots, and I include some of the tourist places as high spots.

    Some things you need to do at least once and I've found doing a tourist thing, particulalry a bus or boat tour, gives you a different and more rounded view of a new city.

    Next time back do a swamp tour to help build an appitite for some more restaurants.

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      Thanks, this was our second visit to New Orleans and it was wonderful, thanks for your comments. I personally have no desire for a swamp tour but a this is a good idea, afew of my friends loved the swamp tour! I did enjoy a cemetery tour!
      I LOVE the art and especially the blue dogs (Rodrigues studio on Royal Street) and seen in the casino restaurant, the Ritz Carlton and other locations.