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Oct 18, 2013 05:25 PM

Any updates on Placerville and surroundings?

I looked through the threads here and most are fairly old. I was thinking of trying Allez for lunch tomorrow.

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  1. One of the things I do is set the search time period to 24 months (or often 12 months for the busier boards) to cut out the older ones until I have more time to sift. Here's what turned up for Placerville.

    And low and behold, my post on Smokey Ridge Charcuterie popped up. I'd totally forgotten that I'd been there! Apparently it's still in business two years later.

    My post on Apple Hill from that visit. Nothing beats drinking the cider from Rainbow right from the press.

    A friend offered this advice for this year: "Boa Vista for apple brownies and cider, High Hill for Carmellows, apple fritters and donuts. Chili dogs in Placerville at Shoestrings...those 2 places will pretty much cover all the bases for a good Apple Hill trip.... oh and you can stop at Z pies in Placerville too and take some frozen Pot Pies home with you"

    I dunno, haven't been to any of those spots.

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      I didn't realize you could set a time period so thanks for the tip. My husband is going to have a field day at the charcuterie place.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Unfortunately we didn't discover any new gems but Smokey Ridge was great (except for their apples). We enjoyed their pate on the road and came home with a little bit of everything else (sausages, bacon, tasso). I also bought some winesap apples from them which turned out the be mushy. Their samples were much better!

          Allez was a bit disappointing although they kindly let us sit on the patio with our dogs which we found was not necessarily the case with other restaurants with patios in the area. It was a cute place and I really wanted to like it more.

          We enjoyed some fresh donuts at Rainbow Orchards. Got there at 9am and there was no line at all.

          That's all I have to report!