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Oct 18, 2013 04:59 PM

P'tit Plateau compared to Quartier General

Looking to try a new (to me) BYOB - thoughts on how these 2 compare?

Dinner out with friends on a Thursday night - table for 4 guys.

Thanks in advance for the advice!



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  1. Ptit Plateau is more traditional French, meat heavy, and more expensive. QG tends to have more options for pescatarians and has more innovative dishes. That said, both are excellent.. Perhaps the two best byos in town.

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    1. re: Fintastic

      Great input - thanks! They both do sound good.

      Any one else care to suggest a favorite, and why?



    2. I like rustic food so I prefer le PP. However the desserts at QG are much better.

      1. I really like's my go-to BYOB. Staff is super friendly, food is solid though i like their apps better than their mains which sometimes have odd combinations (cod with goat cheese comes to mind). There is always something for everyone (veg, fish, seafood, steak, braised meat).

        I am going to say this a little sheepishly/reluctantly because i'm not really down with gender stereotypes, but since you specified that you will be 4 guys, i'm going to say that i'm not sure i've ever seen a table of just guys at QG. Maybe because the food is less rustic and the portions smaller (though i can never finish dessert) and they are not branded as more "macho" places (unlike, say, Maison Publique, Garde Manger type places).

        Anyway, the food is great and the atmosphere is relaxed, jovial and friendly. It won't disappoint.

        1. If you like cassoulet - then please try at P'Tit Plateau. It's the best in the city IMO. Also, Chef Loivel's fois gras torchon is fantastic!