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Oct 18, 2013 04:00 PM

2 Dinners Near Japantown? [San Francisco]

It's been a few yrs since our 10 yrs of annual vacations there(from Boston), so i'm not caught up on the food scene. My Love and his golfing friend need a delicious spot for weekday dinner near their hotel in Japantown, at the bookends of a trip next wk. They will have a car.

We have always been fans of Aziza and Betelnut, so they are an option and not v far away. We used to love Chez Nous on Filmore; plse remind me what took its place, and your opinion of it. Other close by favs? Is Café Kati still there? (They are not sushi guys though they like other J foods.) Thx much.
I MISS San Fran!

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  1. SPQR
    Baker & Banker
    State Bird if they can handle the reservation thing
    Absinthe ( a little further )

    That part of town is not flush with Aziza / Betelnut kinds of places. If they are willing to cab 1 or two miles, most of the city opens up.

    If they need a brunch, do hit the Red Door Cafe. It's a hoot.

    1. Cafe Kati is unfortunately gone. :-(

      If you like Japanese but not sushi, you might try one of the izakaya. I would recommend Izakaya Yuzuki, Izaka Sozai, and chotto in that order. None is too close to japantown, but none is much farther than aziza either...

      1. Shabusen in Japantown is excellent. One of the very few places where you can cook sukiyaki from scratch at your own table.