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Oct 18, 2013 03:00 PM

What Are Your Favorite Supermarkets(s) (Anywhere in the World)?

No need to limit the responses to a specific region. What have been your favorite supermarkets in your travels, or where do you (should the need be) commute out of the way to when at home?

Every time I think about this question, 6 places come to mind:

-Akafudado/Peacock/somewhere in Tokyo or Chiba that I don't necessarily know the name of
-Geant in Manama (which is more of a Carrefour/Walmart but they had a rad dessert section)
-Another place I don't know the name of in Yenibosna, Istanbul (it was tucked away in a shopping center)
-Emporium in Bangkok
More nameless places in Brussels (for their dessert and prepared foods selections)

I like a lot of Trader Joe's products too, but it's never a pleasant shopping experience. Could be the narrow aisles or the fact that I'm in New York that keeps 'em off the list, for now.

What's on your list?


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  1. At home (UK) it's Waitrose. Great service and really good products. Not cheap but worth the money.
    Abroad it would be the AM:PM stores in Japan. Now defunct I think but loved the take on a 7/11. Especially liked their egg salad sandwiches , always seemed to have semi soft egg yolks.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      I hear that. Most Japanese convenience stores are the complete opposite of convenience stores in much of the rest of the world. That is, the Japanese ones are approachable.

      1. re: BuildingMyBento

        I'm from London so even being acknowledged counts as friendly (this is central London, different in your local corner shop who will let you pay later if you are a little short)
        I've always found stores in the US friendlier than the UK but maybe there's a different service ethic. I'm used to the get in and get out with the minimum of fuss dynamic but saying good morning/afternoon/evening and a goodbye afterwards always lifts the transaction. As for Japan, i spent a month there and being obviously foreign and with the language barrier it's hard to judge how more approachable the stores are.

        1. re: Paprikaboy

          I wasn't talking about the people, I was referring to the stores themselves!

    2. Carrefour at Calais. Always on our list of places to visit.

      1. Coop in Switzerland, loved all the grab and go prepared foods, lots of selection, fresh and yummy!

        1. Mustafa's in Singapore. a 24 hour multi-level store selling every possible thing you can imagine. You can buy a sari, a set of wrenches, a gold necklace, souvenirs, and groceries all in one transaction. It's always a must when I'm in Singapore.

          I also like Tesco in Kuala Lumpur. It's clean, well organized, and has a huge selection of both local and imported items.

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          1. re: boogiebaby

            Forgot about Mustafa Centre. That is a trip in itself, and another benefit is that the money changers below change quite a bit more than the usual dollar, euro or yuan.

          2. I have to say that Central Market, right here in Austin, is a pretty fine store.

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            1. re: tim irvine

              +1 for Central Market, but the Southlake location. I always bring visitors there and they're completely wowed.