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Oct 18, 2013 02:48 PM

pancake/waffle mix??

Looking for a recipe where I can mix all the dry stuff and then scoop, add an egg, milk etc. Would be vac sealing rest in Foodsaver cannister for later use Any recipes to pass my way?

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  1. My niece made "pancakes in a jar" as holiday gifts for her teachers last year. These recipes might work for you or at least give you a blueprint to play around with.

    1. I don't have it, but I know that ATK/Cooks Illustrated has such a recipe. As I recall, it contains powdered milk and maybe even powdered egg, which would make it super-convenient.

      A friend in another region sends me Kodiak Kakes flapjack/waffle mix, which though it's 100% whole wheat, is delicious, and only needs water. So it's possible to make a good mix that is 100% dry. However, the ATK/CI people point out that waffles made with a batter suitable for pancakes will result in overly-moist waffles that aren't crispy, and are flatter than those made especially for waffles. Best recipes for waffles include yeast and/or whipped egg whites.

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        It looks like this is the ATK recipe- they say to keep in the freezer since it uses butter:

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          That sounds right. My sluggish computer doesn't want me to open that link but I think I also remember that it contained powdered malted milk so if that's mentioned, it's the one I meant.

      2. I like Alton Brown's recipe. I never have buttermilk on hand, so I mix in dry buttermilk powder as well, proportionate to the amount of pancake mix I am making.

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          I use milk and lemon or vinegar since I never have buttermilk. Sometimes I just add milk and mashed banana (for when I'm out of eggs).

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            This is a perfect use for powdered buttermilk

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              Thanks for linking the recipe youareabunny - can't figure out how to do that from the iPad!!

              Tell me more about mashed bananas instead of eggs?? I keep the over-ripe bananas in the freezer for banana bread - would they work? Chowpup always wants pancakes on the day I'm out of eggs!
              And I had to explain to Mr Tacos why I intentionally soured a half a carton of milk with lemon juice the other day!

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              THAT'S what I was looking for! Thanks!

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                I use it too. It's fantastic. Highly recommended.


              2. It is very hard to beat Carbon's Golden Malted pancake and waffle mix. The malt in the batter takes the pan cakes and waffles to another elevation.

                I have used Smack Your Lips waffle recipe for years. I believe the recipe came from Marion Brown's cook book , The Southern Cookbook. It was my families every day go to bible for recipes.

                1. Taro Pancake Mix is an add-water-only mix that is tasty. Good for waffles too which is how I use it. Comes from HPC Foods in Hawaii. It's $5-6 per 20oz pkg and they'll ship in USPS flat rate boxes (minimum of 6 pkgs) so shipping is minimized. First tried after receiving as a gift and have reordered many times.