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Oct 18, 2013 02:07 PM

It's ba...ack! Woo-hoo, Hood Pumpkin Eggnog sighting mid-October 2013

It's like drinking pumpkin cheesecake. Though generally I can take pumpkin or leave it, this stuff, which is one of several varieties of holiday flavored eggnogs, is tremendously good. Fortunately, it's rich enough that I am happy with 4oz and usually wind up freezing some of it. I have also used it to make bread pudding using pumpkin quick bread, and mini-popovers with eggnog, thinly-sliced maple ham, and cheddar. I can't give any recipes because I was freestyling.

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  1. greygarious, i never saw this post of yours or i would have wholeheartedly agreed with you as soon as you posted! it IS exactly like drinking pumpkin cheesecake -- a very rich cheesecake without too much sweetness but clean pumpkin flavor. a little dab'll do ya!

    and here, today, for the bonus round: pumpkin....milano cookies! http://www.junkfoodguy.com/2014/08/13...

    1. I like the way you think! I'll have to get some just to try a bread pudding with it. I also like the pumpkin spice coffee creamer that comes out about that same time.

      I've been making pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving for a while now. For my family, it's a great switch from the pie - they love the cheesecake with caramel bourbon sauce!

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        that caramel bourbon sauce sounds lovely!

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          It is! I got the recipe for both the cheesecake and sauce from Epicurious. The second time I made the cheesecake, I left out the lemon and ramped up the spices a bit because it wasn't as spicy as I liked:


          I don't want to rush the seasons, but will admit I can't wait to make this again!

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            wow -- great looking recipe. i'm wondering how a bit of goat cheese would fare? (saw a goat cheese cheesecake with blackberry sauce on pinterest today...).

      2. You could also make pumpkin French toast with this eggnog.

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          I've done it with regular eggnog, but will have to give the pumpkin eggnog a try - thanks! How about bourbon maple syrup LOL!