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Oct 18, 2013 01:55 PM

Canada free trade deal with the EU - A chowhounder perspective?!

Excited to see possible availability of more fine French Cheeses and Hams, Charolais beef and Bresse Chicken, Foie Gras from Strasbourg, Jamon Iberico Ballota......etc at 'cheaper(?) price??!!
What are your thoughts?! Any products you would like to see in Toronto currently not available??!!

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  1. Charolais is already a major breed in Ontario, and it was adopted because the big boned cow has lean meat, and lots of it. Pure greed on behalf of French farmers, and now Canadian. Most of it will go to A or AA, but a few, like Cumbrae can go higher but refuse to have it rated.

    I like what I have heard so far, especially the beginning of the end of the dairy cartel.

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    1. Looking forward to Pretty Much anything I am not forced to buy from Saputo. Also, the beginning of the end of the dairy board as Jay says. This should go the whey ;) of the wheat board.

      1. I remember thinking along the same lines and getting excited about NAFTA.
        THAT sure fizzled at the grass roots level...

        1. A) this is pretty unlikely to ever happen, the Europeans are going to insist on a linked political treaty that will contain some things that there's no way the Harperites will give on (killing the seal hunt, human rights provisions that will immediately have Canada in breach of the treaty vis the treatment of the First Nations etc.). There are also some pretty big hurdles on the European end including three countries already on the record opposing it without much broader Canadian concessions.

          B) even if A) weren't true it won't make any product not currently available suddenly available, you won't for example see a relaxation of the 60 day rule on raw milk cheeses. Quotas will go up so we'll just get more of the same stuff we already get.

          1. I'm super excited. more cheese = more love.

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            1. re: catherine88

              Personally, I am really looking forward to more selection in 'bone-in' Hams from the UK and elsewhere.
              Love the Smoked Wilshire, Shropshire Black and most of all the Cooked York Ham. The latter so good with English Hot Mustard!!
              When I was working in London years ago, there was not a week when some of my lunches were not consisted of Jellied Ox-Tongue with Sandwich Spread and York Ham with Hot Mustard sandwiches!!
              BTW, French bone-in Bayonne and Peat smoked Irish Ham would be nice as well.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Christmas lists aside, the deal is two years away and subject to God-knows-what amendments and adjustments from an unimaginable range of interest groups on either side of the pond.