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Oct 18, 2013 01:34 PM

Stand mixer NOT made in china?

I'm planning to buy a stand mixer after our 30 something year old Kenwood finally broke down with no replacement parts available. I looked at the new models and was surprised to find that even the higher end ones are made in China! I turned to Kitchen Aid, and even that is only assembled in USA but the parts themselves are made in China.

I looked at Bosch Universal, which is not made in China and read reviews that it doesn't handle smaller batches well, when most of our cooking is in smaller batches. I looked at the compact model, and I wasn't sure it would fit larger batches which we make from time to time. I also noticed it's made of plastic which made me question its durability.

My current budget for this is around $500-$600. We would be using it for various purposes: bread making, mixing, pasta dough, but mostly and mainly for cake batter, whipping and cookie dough. I'm looking for something very sturdy that would survive heavy almost daily use. I'm even willing to slide in a couple more hundreds if need so.

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  1. The best you're going to get is Kitchen Aid, whose stand mixers are assembled in OH.

    Trying to find an appliance that is not made in China or does not contain parts sourced from China is a fool's errand.

    1. Search online and in thrift shops for an OLD KitchenAid. Create a search on eBay, using Hobart as a key word. Those are from the made-in-America era, and though they are 50 or more years old, expect to pay $200 once shipping is figured in. These models are in great demand, as they remain very reliable. I lucked out to get one for under $100 total, because the seller called it a Hobart dough machine, not using KA or stand mixer in the listing. Though old KA's still have a lot of work left in them, for your price range you could buy three of them so you'd have back-ups.

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        We immigrated here in 1987 and my mother bought her kitchenaid I'm guessing 1987-1995. It's still kickin today, any idea if this is a china one?

        I did read somewhere that there are more plastic parts in the ones built today...

        1. re: youareabunny

          If it's one of the really good ones it was made prior to Hobart selling Kitchen Aid to Whirlpool, that would be early to mid 80s and the Hobart name is on the band around the motor. Even after Whirlpool bought the brand they were good mixers for quite a long time. Probably anything after the early 2000s is of questionable quality, with many parts, including the motor, made in China.

          I did some exhaustive research a few years ago and all the electric motors for stand mixers are now made in China, regardless of where the product is assembeled.

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            I will definitely have to check when I am back home. Thanks :)

            Now I'm wary to buy a mixer. I would like.. No, NEED one here in FR. Kenwood seems to be popular but now I worry about quality. Then again... if I buy a used KA I'll have to buy a transformer... bah


            200€ and it's a typical mixer and comes with attachments for blender, juicer and processor. I'm guessing I don't have much choice re China machinery.

      2. Bought a basic model KA several years ago, after reluctantly letting SIL talk me into taking it home after Thanksgiving dinner. She was RAVING about it?? My first thought was... she bakes a LOT and I don't. After putting together double batches of 5-6 different cookie dough, with NO elbow grease required, and I was SOLD!!

        A few years ago, found a faded yellow, KA, crank up/down model... with bowl, whisk, dough hook, and paddle... at Good Will for $19.99!! It ran just fine and pretty sure "Hobart" is somewhere on the machine... just couldn't pass up that deal. I cleaned it up really well (wasn't cruddy to begin with), taped everything off and spray painted it with flat-black paint originally made for painting gas grill. It looks like a million bucks and still runs just fine. Then a few weeks later found another BOWL at GW for a few bucks.

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        1. Sadly I do not have the luxury of ebay, thrift shops or garage sales... I don't currently live in the US and shipping electronics (especially heavy weight) could cost an arm and a leg. I'm stuck with brand new models :/

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            I'm not sure where you are or what voltage you need but I know these folks sell the mixer I linked in another post in a 230v model. Or there could be a more local distributor?


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              This actually looks good! I love the orange one as it has this vintage "science fiction" when you combine the color and the design (nice vintage looking knobs) and from what I've seen it does a good job too. I will contact the company to see if they sell it in our area

            2. re: amusedmonkey

              Most posters live in the USA and will assume that you live there as well. Few of us know what brands are distributed world wide, much less in your unspecified country.

            3. The Ankarsrum is made in Sweden and has been since the 1940's. And it has a 5 year warranty on the motor.