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Oct 18, 2013 01:01 PM

Wood-fired pizza in DC?

Is there anyplace in DC proper doing great, Neapolitan-style pizza in a sit down type restaurant (rather than take out) with alcohol? Will be visiting from Boston next week, and it's something we really lack here, IMHO. Appreciate your help!

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  1. It looks like Pizzeria Paradiso, Ella's Wood Fired or Seventh Hill (although their website menu is wonky) might fit the bill. Any thoughts on those?

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      Etto and Ghibellina are both on 14th street. I liked Etto's non-pizza items a bit more. Thought the pasta's at Ghibellina were underwhelming. If you have a car, I'd recommend driving to Menomale.

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        Seventh Hill is good pizza and in a nice vibrant area (around Eastern Market). But I wouldn't want to sit in there and make an evening of it, if you know what I mean? It seems more of a casual in and out place.

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          I've been to Pizzeria Paradiso and Ella's Wood Fired, but it's been more than 5 years. Based on that however, I have a strong preference for Pizzeria Paradiso. I just didn't like Ella's pizza very much so I never went back. I liked PP and went there several times, just not recently.

        2. Etto's sister restaurant 2 Amy's would be my choice. I love the small plates, the pizza, the cocktails, the wine, the desserts! I honestly think it's my favourite restaurant in DC.

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            I second that. I am especially found of 2 Amys stuffed pizzas and their small plates are stellar.

          2. Thanks, this exactly the mind of info I was hoping for! Unfortunately I won't have a car, I should've mentioned that initially.

            1. I haven't been to all the good pizza joints in DC but if you're in G'town, check out Il Canale. If you're around American University, then check out Al Dente. These are in addition to the other recs.

              1. Two Amys on Wisconsin and Macomb NW.
                Be prepared to wait for a table though. It's always busy but the pizzas are delicious and the service is great. You can always grab a drink at the bar while you wait to be seated.