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Wood-fired pizza in DC?

Is there anyplace in DC proper doing great, Neapolitan-style pizza in a sit down type restaurant (rather than take out) with alcohol? Will be visiting from Boston next week, and it's something we really lack here, IMHO. Appreciate your help!

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  1. It looks like Pizzeria Paradiso, Ella's Wood Fired or Seventh Hill (although their website menu is wonky) might fit the bill. Any thoughts on those?

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      Etto and Ghibellina are both on 14th street. I liked Etto's non-pizza items a bit more. Thought the pasta's at Ghibellina were underwhelming. If you have a car, I'd recommend driving to Menomale.

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        Seventh Hill is good pizza and in a nice vibrant area (around Eastern Market). But I wouldn't want to sit in there and make an evening of it, if you know what I mean? It seems more of a casual in and out place.

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          I've been to Pizzeria Paradiso and Ella's Wood Fired, but it's been more than 5 years. Based on that however, I have a strong preference for Pizzeria Paradiso. I just didn't like Ella's pizza very much so I never went back. I liked PP and went there several times, just not recently.

        2. Etto's sister restaurant 2 Amy's would be my choice. I love the small plates, the pizza, the cocktails, the wine, the desserts! I honestly think it's my favourite restaurant in DC.

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            I second that. I am especially found of 2 Amys stuffed pizzas and their small plates are stellar.

          2. Thanks, this exactly the mind of info I was hoping for! Unfortunately I won't have a car, I should've mentioned that initially.

            1. I haven't been to all the good pizza joints in DC but if you're in G'town, check out Il Canale. If you're around American University, then check out Al Dente. These are in addition to the other recs.

              1. Two Amys on Wisconsin and Macomb NW.
                Be prepared to wait for a table though. It's always busy but the pizzas are delicious and the service is great. You can always grab a drink at the bar while you wait to be seated.

                1. I really appreciate all the info, folks!

                  1. Pizzeria Paradiso. Terrific beer selection and the Bottarga is one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten.

                    1. Matchbox. Great pizza and mini-burgers, and a nice draught beer selection.

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                        My last two trips to Matchbox on Barracks Row resulted in pizzas where the crust tasted like frozen pizza. No char. No flavor. I stick with the burgers/sliders from now on.

                        Cross the river to Pupatella for some of the best pizza in the area. 2Amys isn't worth the waits, noise, or hassle.

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                          I also don't get the appeal of Matchbox. I mean, it's okay, but I don't think it's all that much better than plain old take-out.

                          As far as waits, noise, and hassle... I've been to Pupatella three times in the last couple of months and it's far, far worse than 2 Amy's. Sure, the pizzas are absolutely terrific (though they burned the crap out of one side of my GF's pizza the first time we ate there) but there must have been a dozen kids, a ten minute line just to order from the cashier, and complete chaos in terms of seating. The last time we went, on a weeknight, it was better, but we'd also been there enough to know there was outdoor seating available, something they never told us the first night. If it's too wet or cold to eat on the patio, and it's a weekend night, expect chaos and a crush of families with kids running all over the place, and the possibility that you may not be able to get a seat at all and have to just settle for eating in your car. Right now that place is succeeding purely on the strength of its generally excellent food because the restaurant itself is basically controlled chaos.

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                            The authentic nursery atmosphere can also be found at Pizzeria Paradiso and Red Rocks in Old Town, albeit with inferior pies. I usually end up at Faccia Luna; still crowded but lacking a lot of cachet as well as chaos. Good basic brick oven pies.

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                            I've only been to the Chinatown location and I've never had a bad meal there.

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                              Maybe it's better than the recently opened Logan Circle location, which wasn't bad but just didn't impress me all that much either. Probably also worth noting is that we went there a week after opening, and yet, they've got so many locations throughout the region that I don't see why they'd have many issues with a new location at this point. I'm really partial to Neopolitan style pizza and as such, I'd take 2 Amy's, Pupatella, Pizzeria Paradiso, Etto, Mia's, and Pacci's any day of the week over Mtachbox. Matchbox is more firmly rooted in the traditional American/New York style of pizza, albeit cooked in a wood oven and with a thinner crust.

                          1. You should check out Menomale in Brookland -- it's a real gem!

                            1. Actual Neapolitan style pizza is a thing lots of places lack. I went to Posto a while back and while the pie was good, the crust was no better than I can make at home in my G3 Ferrari electric pizza oven. (The problem with that machine is that the top of the pie doesn't get properly browned, due to design flaws.)

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                                hi KWagle
                                wanted to ask you where did you get the G3 Ferrari? Long time I'm looking for it (I am in Boston). For your problem in Italy we solve it using some aluminum foil in the back of the resistance and adding a aluminum dish as a deflector in the middle. If you google it you will see some youtube videos on how to solve the problem

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                                  I got it on eBay I think. (Maybe Amazon but I'm pretty sure it was eBay.) If you write to the company they'll send you the name of their Canadian distributor, but I haven't actually been able to get one from Canada.