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Seeking Good Burgers - Triangle

Looking for an excellent burger for an upcoming birthday dinner. I'm more interested in the burger than what goes on it. My thoughts so far are Raleigh Times, or possibly the bar at Angus Barn. I've looked through old posts on the subject, but wonder if there is new wisdom on the topic.

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  1. chuck's?

    if you want to go all out with a burger, you could go to G2B and get their A'foie'calypse burger -
    1 lb fresh ground burger, foie gras torchon, st. andre triple creme brie, applewood smoked bacon, overeasy fried egg, hand tossed onion rings, arugula, garlic aioli, brioche bun, hand cut garlic fries

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    1. A lot of people like BurgerFi but it is one of those types of "gourmet" burger places. I like Mojoe's but that is a no frills burger place. Take a look at this sight which may offer some input.. If being able to order say Medium Rare is something that is wanted then it will cut down a lot of the options.


      Also Al's burger shack which is a tiny place on Franklin St. also is getting some good nods. Do you want something that also has Wine and beer or just the burgers?

      Btw Chuck's and G2b (even their regular) are solid options. Also if you go on Friday the 25th G2B will have my friend's jazz band playing in the back room, but if that is what you wanna do.. make reservations.

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        I think Hibernian makes a great burger. The best I've had in Raleigh. Comes with steak fries - order gravy with them.

      2. My vote goes to Chucks in Raleigh or Bull City Burger & Brewery in Durham. Corbetts in Cary also does a nice no-frills burger. Oh, or the Royale with cheese at Poole's Diner in Raleigh. Haven't been to G2B but may need to based on the info below.

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          Al's Burger Shack in Chapel Hill was packed tonight, and supposedly excellent grade meat and upscale condiments are great. If you like sitting outside at a picnic table it could be fun.

        2. The Federal in Durham has the best burger in the Triangle imo. The fries are really good too!

          1. Ended up going to chuck's, and it was good as usual. I do wish they had a build your own option, but perhaps that's an option already, just not listed? Does anyone know? Because that could be life changing.

            I'll add my own thoughts and recall that when I was in school, Sutton's on Franklin St had the best burgers in Chapel Hill. Flat top seared, so crunchy on top, classic toppings. I also like Bull City,

            Has anyone had the burger at Angus Barn?

            1. I can recommend the burgers at Chuck's and the The Fed. Wimpy' sis worth the trip as well. For those of you in CH, I strongly recommend Venable in Carrboro. I've eaten there twice no and they have a might fine burger and solid fries.

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                I'll co-sign the Wimpy's recommendation. Only open for breakfast and lunch, and only takes cash. Also, it's just a counter and there's nowhere to sit.

                Still worth the trip though.

              2. I'll throw another nod to Al's. I live pretty close to the Only Burger store and go there pretty often. The Federal as already mentioned is good as is Geer Street Garden. Breadman's doesn't ever get mentioned but I had a burger there a few weeks ago and it was really good, beef from Cliff's.

                1. ate at Chucks last night and I was more than pleased, good fries too

                  1. I can vouch for Al's but seating is a premium it really is a shack as far as space goes. A lot of people have stated that Raleigh Times Bar has gone down hill. I've never been so I couldn't say. G2B does a good burger, Chuck's does a good burger, my wife likes the burgers at Mojoe's but I wouldn't go there for a celebration. Can't speak to any of the new places that have popped up around the Durham Southpoint area (mattie b's, zinburger and townhall).