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Oct 18, 2013 11:20 AM

Wilma & Frieda in Palm Desert

In another thread, "Beach Chick" mentioned that Wilma & Frieda opened over Labor Day weekend.

I'm watching some delectable photos of breakfast and lunch streaming from a friend's FB posts and wonder who's had a chance to try it.

Wilma & Frieda
73575 El Paseo Drive
Palm Desert, CA
(760) 773-2807
8am to 6pm

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  1. Hi Melanie!
    Friends dined for breakfast last week and said it was outstanding.
    They are still traveling about and will get more details but they loved the place, the food and the service.
    Can't wait to go and dine there.

    1. Checking again, who can tell us about it?

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        The line being too long at Cheeky's, we drove over to El Paseo to give W&F a try and were not overwhelmed. We should have waited it out at Cheeky's. We would actually have saved time.

        Despite many tables being open, we waited for 10 minutes to be seated. The service, while cordial, was slow.

        I ordered the signature dish, mealloaf and eggs, with a muffin and hashbrowns. The ML was heavy and dry and its texture and flavor overpowerd the thin fried egg that topped it. Not a great pairing. The hashbrowns, ordered crisp, came dry and bland, which even a generous sprinkle of salt couldn't enliven. The muffin, like the meatloaf, was heavy and unmoist. However it served as a nice delivery system for a delicous fruit compote.

        My wife ordered an omlet which, while solid, was nothing more than ordinary. .

        After a waiter I flagged down finally picked up my credit card with the check, it was left deserted at the register for at least 10 minutes until I walked over to sign and retrive it.

        We did not linger at all, but were there for well over an hour, waiting to be seated, served, and billed.

        Not in same league with Cheeky's. However, their patisserie is outstanding. We took home a brownie, which was choclatey, moist and yes that d word -- decadent.

        1. re: stamfoodie

          Thanks for taking one for the team. If you find another pastry you like there, let us know.

      2. Friends went a couple of weeks ago for lunch and they really enjoyed it.
        They said it was busy and no problems with service.

        I drove through PS a couple months ago but didn't have time to stop but hopefully soon.

        1. Spent this past weekend in Palm Desert and FINALLY tried Wilma & Frieda's for brunch yesterday.

          WOW, this place is outstanding!

          Disclosure..Kreg/co-owner has been a acquaintance from Trader Joe's for over 20+ years and a great guy and he and his sister, Kelly and Mom, Jan, opened up Wilma & Frieda's about a year ago.

          They are on the second floor on El Paseo in Palm Desert.
          Open from 8am- 3pm for breakfast/lunch and brunch on weekends.
          The place is super busy and I can see why.

          We started with a pop tart of brown sugar and cinnamon.
          So good...all pastries are homemade by Todd, who is an excellent server too!

          I had the lobster claw benedict with tater tots, $19 and it was the special Surf and Turf but I don't eat meat (Filet Mignon) but for $2, they switched out for the double surf lobster benedict...OMG, this dish was sublime.
          Tons of fresh lobster meat and claw meat.

          Our friends had the short rib benedict, on a house made English muffin, house made hollandaise and topped with sautéed argula.
          They said it was the one of the best things they have ever had.
          The meat was seasoned perfectly and to be honest, I've never heard them make so many yummy sounds while eating.

          DH had the Meatloaf cheddar melt on multi-grain bread with tater tots for $12 that he loved.

          I had a bacon bloody Mary with Kreg's homemade bloody mix that was delicious..the bloody mix was so good and he stated he uses crushed up green olives to give that tang.

          The homemade lemonade and freshly brewed iced tea were very good.

          I can't say enough how good this meal was and I can't wait to go back.

          The pastries that they sell are all freshly made daily...along with their own brand of coffee and homemade triple berry jam.

          Love Love Love Wilma & Frieda's!