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Kitchenaid Diamond Blender better than Vitamix??

Last night while flipping through channels I caught the last few seconds of a commercial for the "Kitchenaid Diamond Blender," and saw them comparing it to a Vitamix.

Does anyone have any experience with this blender? Is it better than a Vitamix? (I tried Google-ing comparison reviews but there doesn't seem to be any.)

I'm starting to get fed up with my Vitamix because it never blends anything correctly. Things always get jammed and the stupid stick doesn't help. I end up over-saturating whatever it was I was blending, with more liquid, just to help it blend. Bah. And nothing that's on the video it comes with, like making your own peanut butter, actually works. It just chokes up until you add some kind of liquid, which goes against what they promote (it using the natural oils in the nuts to grind itself into a butter). Worst $500 ever spent.

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  1. I haven't seen the KA Diamond commercial, but I have seen one for another blender and I can't think of it's name right now. They also compare it to the Vitamix and is $200 cheaper. If I see it again, I'll post.

    1. I saw the commercial and the comparison is between Vitamix and Ninja Ultima which they say is 1/3 the price of the Vitamix.

      1. I have been looking into getting a high powered blender like the Vitamix and have been looking for the best option for me. You might find this article helpful http://www.popularmechanics.com/_mobi...

        1. I love my Vitamix. I'll give you $250 for yours so it's not a total loss

          1. I had a vitamix for a few years, it was ok, though I didn't think it was worth the money. The bottom of the pitcher wore out and broke, and a replacement pitcher was so high that I decided to buy another machine, looked into Blendtec and borrowed my friends for a while (very powerful). But I settled on the Kitchenaid, I have only had the kitchenaid about a month but so far it is better at smoothies, sauces, and nut milks than the vitamix. It is quieter, easier, to clean, and I do not need the plunger thing. (hated it) The Vitamix was horrible at hummus, (haven't tried the kitchenaid for hummus yet) The vitamix has more slow speed torque than kitchenaid so it might be better at making nut butters but then again the blade is not as advanced as the kitchenaid is, The kitchenaid mixes far more evenly than the vitamix so it might be a good fit for nut butters too. I read a lot of reviews on the kitchenaid and it does not seem they last very long, but at the price I could go through 4 of them before I get to the price of the overpriced vitamix.

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              " The Vitamix was horrible at hummus "

              Most all blenders are. With hummus you need a tamper which the Vitamix has and you need to add enough liquid to get it to blend well. The Vitamix did get it ultra smooth but I actually like it a little less processed. The Blend Tec was terrible with hummus since it had no tamper I had to constantly stop and tamp and scrape the sides down. Not sure about the Kitchen Aid. Seems it would have the same issues unless you use a significant liquid they all will bind up and cavitate.

              I own way too many Kitchen Aid appliances and they aren't what they use to be. The top of the line dishwasher sucks and have had issues with the ice maker in the side by side. But that is fodder for another thread.

              I find a food pro works better for hummus than a blender

            2. Sometimes if I have too much frozen fruit in a smoothie I need to use the tamper. I've found though if I put the machine on level 5 and pulse everything several times first to break it up, I can then proceed to blend it without needing the tamper. It's worked well for me as the pulsing seems to reposition the ingredients into the blades.

              1. Have had a VM for years, and nothing compares. People try to "outblend" it all the time and come up short. Some are now on their 2nd, 3rd, even 4th blender while my VM goes on. I make green smoothies with raw veggies and ice every day with no problem. I've made pureed soups too.

                As to nut butter, never added anything but the nuts. Blend slowly for 1-2 minutes, then increase the speed until ultimately blending on high. Going straight to high speed creates a vacuum of air.

                Love the VM self-preservation via thermal shutdown.

                Have also had a friend have her VM serviced at the very end of her warranty period. Came back like new.

                1. The thing that really made me leave the Vitamix was the plunger. I really got sick of it. I don't need it with the KitchenAid.

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                    It's funny...because I only use the tamper with my VM in the same situations I would need to take the top off other blenders to tamp things down with a spoon or other kitchen tool. Otherwise it blends without the need of tamping...just like any other blender.

                    As for "speed sensors"...I don't need my blender to think for me...but that's just me.

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                      I actually checked out the KitchenAid. It has a plastic drive socket and plastic gears attached to the blades. Cheap junk. The only thing good about it is it's not made in China. Problem is though, at it's cheap price I'm sure the parts are not from the USA. Vitamix machines have over 70% USA designed and made parts as well as the machine being made in the USA and has all metal gears. These cheap VM clones are fooling a lot of people. They will find out soon enough they made a mistake going with cheap. KitchenAid makes the best mixers, IMO, but blenders? Heck no.

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                        Yes, the VM is much higher quality. But I would not call the KA blender junk. I have NEVER had to plunge or move anything around in the KA to get it to blend, for that I think they deserve credit. My wife and I use blenders and other equip. much more than your ordinary household, for much more than making smoothies and juice! We are both vegetarian and avoid processed foods. My wife is very into raw food and caters an event about once a week. I have experience with a lot of different mixers/blenders we work with several at a time. The things that I liked more about VM beside the quality was heating up soup (though we hardly ever used it for that) the KA will do it too but it takes longer. If our KA quits anytime soon I will post it and let you guys know how long it lasted under heavy use.

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                          You are very misguided in terms of what you think the "Tamper" (not plunger) is for. I have no idea how you ever used a Vitamix because they are not required to use a Tamper nor does a Vitamix NEED a Tamper. I am vegan and I use my Vitamix 5 times per day at a minimum. I make hearty soups, sauces, full pitchers of smoothies, hummus and do a lot of chopping and the Tamper gets used only once a week and that is from making my weekly nut butters and fruit bars.
                          Tell me that the KitchenAid can make nut butters and fruit bars without any intervention of scraping or tamping. It's not possible.
                          Many people have no idea how to use a Vitamix which is why by default they will just stick the tamper down in the blend for no reason at all. I've seen plenty of YouTube videos where people weren't even putting the Vitamix on High speed and they wondered why it wasn't sucking the food down towards the blades. Then they take the tamper and start pushing and pushing instead of using their head and turn it up on High.
                          That's fine you feel your KitchenAid works for you but anything with plastic gears is junk, let alone there's no manual operation for true control . Your wife doing commercial work, it is surprising she would settle for such a machine over a Vitamix.

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                            I think you should try it before you guess at it. We have experience with both. Thanks.

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                              Don't laugh. The first time I made nut butter, I did it on the phone with VM customer service. Just peanuts and slow speed increase, then a little slow-med-fast cycling. Didn't even use the tamper - for nut butter!

                              I've had other top-line KitchenAids (3), and none has lasted. It's always been the motors. Annoying because my KA mixer's never even blinked at anything I've thrown at it.

                    2. I should not say only the plunger only, because if the pitcher would have not have gone out I would have stayed with it. VM is a well built blender that I am very sure would out live at least a couple KAs. KA has a thermal shut off too. The KA always starts automatically with pulse on any speed, then slowly speeds up. It has a sensor that adjusts the speed according to the consistency of the mix to keep the speed at the selected rate. For me personally it has been a timesaver and less to deal with. I guess you just have to try it out, I am glad I did.