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Oct 18, 2013 09:10 AM

Mexico Bans GMO Corn: Effective Immediately!

This is the best news of the year for Mexico. Let's hope the country will be able to enforce the ban.

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  1. GMO corn is generally sweeter, has thin walled kernels, higher water content, and is less suitable for tortillas, which comprise half of the caloric intake in Mexico. Good move.

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    1. re: Veggo

      Veggo, this reply is not directed to your response, but is nonetheless related to it.

      Many people automatically think: "Mexico. Corn. Tortillas." and stop there. Clearly tortillas are one of the most important part of many Mexicans' diets, but they are not the end of it. It's crucial to think outside that box when forming an opinion about the sowing of GMO corn in, as another poster said, the motherland of corn.

      Like many other countries, Mexico is formed of several regions, each of which has its own ancestral cuisine. The base of most of those regional cuisines is corn, and not just any corn. Corn developed in that particular region over the course of millennia is the basis for the region's cuisine.

      If GMO corn is allowed into a region, eventually it will put an end to the traditional types of corn grown there. That, of course, will mean the end of the region's traditional cuisine.

      The attached photograph, taken in central Michoacán last fall, shows some of the traditional corns of the region. They're not just pretty, they're what's for dinner.

    2. Now if the US would just do this.

      1. Yes. The motherland of corn has won a huge victory here. Thank god.

        1. What I like most about corn in Mexico is the occasional huitlacoche. I confess to liking Olathe sweet corn. A lot! I often make a meal from 6 ears, butter, and salt.

          1. With a third of Mexico's corn being imported from the US, I wonder what's going to happen with that.


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              I've not studied the arguments in favor of the ban, but I imagine that an alliance was easily struck between those against GMO products and those wishing to keep US imports out of Mexico. As you point out, NAFTA has devastated Mexican corn farmers.