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Oct 18, 2013 08:49 AM

Roosevelt Field Mall

How's the food court at Roosevelt Field Mall? I have to go to the mall, Ugh!, to buy some stuff. Maybe stop for a bite?

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  1. A new Chipotle opened up at RF. You can find it on the first floor, near Skinny Pizza. Much better than anything the food court has to offer.

    1. The Indian restaurant there used to be good. It's not in the food court. I haven't been in ages.

      Does it have to be IN the mall? If not, nearby Garden City has more choices.

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      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Akbar? It's great food, but not in the mall, sort of on the perimeter of the parking lot there. VERY slow service, very good food headquarters for LI Indian folks, I know.

        Seasons52 is okay to meh. Better to eat at Ayhan's right near by.

      2. Thanks all!

        I took a walk around the food court and then thought about Chipotle (nothing against Chipotle, really, Nothing), I considered Akbar as it is usually a fun time with family and friends and decided to keep it that way, so I ended up at Thomas's Diner for a special of pulled pork over sweet potato hash and two fried eggs.

        *financialdistrictresident*, what place(s) in Garden City do you recommend for lunch for one? It looks like I'll be around there again soon. :-)

        Thanks again!

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        1. re: Gastronomos

          Gastronomos, I've had lunch in one of the dept. stores at R. Field Mall that was very good. Again, some time ago.

          I don't get to LI that much, so I'll have to defer to other hounds.

          There may be a best of LI thread if you want to do a search.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            There is a café at Nordstrom's that is amazing.

            1. re: Motosport

              Great for lunch! Salads and sandwiches are fresh and tasty!

          2. re: Gastronomos

            I've eaten pretty well at Cafe Spice, the Indian place IN the food court.

            1. re: emarcus

              That's good to know. I noticed an Indian place under the zeppelin. My next trip to the mall will include Indian lunch. Thanks! :-)

              1. re: emarcus

                emarcus, thank you. for a food court, the Indian food here was surprisingly good. a Chow find for a food court indeed!

            2. There's a Shake Shack about 1/2 mile east in a new mall with Bloomingdales. Nordstrom outlet stores and a number of others including Trader Joes and the container store.