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Oct 18, 2013 08:06 AM

Oven Braising a HUGE corned beef

I've got a corned beef weighing 6.68 pounds that I just put into the oven at 350. The package says to cook it 1 hour for every pound. That seems like an awfully long time, but I've never cooked such a large one before. I've braised large briskets (~7 pounds) in the oven, usually for 4 hours. So for how long should I keep this baby in the oven? Thanks!

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  1. DId you put it in the oven covered, uncovered, dry, in liquid, etc.??

    1. 350F seems high, but I would check after 4 to 5 hours to see if it's done to your liking.

      The 1 per pound is just a rule of thumb estimate.

      1. The corned beef IS a brisket, just that its been cured (corned). If you're happy with your previous attempt at brisket weighing roughly the same, do roughly the same.

        However, if you're cooking differently (maybe your brisket was dry roasted and the corned beef cooked in liquid and covered), the results may vary.
        Its not so much the internal temp, but rather the tenderness: slice an end piece after 4 hours and give it a try.
        Mmmmm corned beef.

        1. I hope that your braising liquid was beer.

          1. It was in the oven, covered with water/beer. I poked a fork in it after about 4 hours and it seemed done. Corned beef for dinner! Thanks to everyone for your advice.

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              If theres leftovers after the leftovers (I'm thinking corned beef on rye tomorrow), maybe think of corned beef hash with onion on Sunday.
              Corned beef hash, mmmmmm.