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Tomato Soup Left out Overnight

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I forgot to fridge some tomato soup that we made last night. It had canned tomato juice, water, some vegetables, beans and pasta, no meat byproducts whatsoever.

I don't think it would be an issue but curious to know if there's any risk of bacteria even if minimal. It was left out for about 10 hours, I would think that it would have taken at least a few hours just to get to room temperature, so it probably only spent 5-7 hours at room temp.

Heck I've left raw rib steaks out overnight and never had an issue.

If Ruhlman can leave chicken stock out for days I can't see tomato juice for a few hours being an issue.

Should I have any concerns?


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  1. Was it covered the whole time. If I have a large pot of something I'll just bring it up to a simmer, cover and leave sealed overnight, etc.

    You may also have to worry about it fermenting. I made a bean stew once and forgot to put in the fridge. Woke up the next morning to find it sitting on the counter to cool before putting in the fridge. Lifted the lid to see it foaming and smelling slightly of alcohol.


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      It was covered.

      I was in a rush this morning so didn't even get to touch it to see if was still possibly warm. I just tossed it in Tupperware and into the fridge.

    2. I agree with Davwud's post about the fermenting beans; that has happened to me, too.

      My first reaction, if it were just soup without the pasta/veg left covered overnight,would be to bring it up to a boil, let it boil vigorously for 10-12 minutes, etc. I would, however, want to also boil the pasta/veg/beans and I wouldn't want the pasta and veg to turn to mush.

      It's your call.

      1. Wouldnt be worrying me.

          1. Taste it to see if it's sour but I doubt it has turned so refrigerate and eat later.

            1. If covered for 10 hours, it wouldn't be long enough to allow any harmful incubation. A more aggressive agent would have to be introduced but, if covered completely while cooling, nothing else could get in. Bring to a simmer for five minutes and enjoy.

              1. Also worth asking about the ambient temp in your house. I'm in San Francisco and it's pretty cold in my kitchen at night after the warmth from dinner has worn off, so I've left things out by mistake with no repercussions. If you're in a hotter, warmer kitchen/climate, then I'd think twice.

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                  Nope, in Montreal where we are in that full autumn phase of cool nights but not cold enough to turn the heat on (very close though). About 67 degrees in the kitchen overnight I would say.

                2. I agree that the temperature in your kitchen is important. The guidelines for safe storage in a refrigerator say that food should be kept at or below 42 degrees.

                  If it was me, I'd probably toss it and start over fresh!

                  1. Due to the presence of pasta, you might want to consider this:

                    1. Only a complete moron would leave chicken stock out for days.

                      That said, I'm a food safety fanatic and I'd probably eat your tomato soup

                      1. I was raised with the motto, "When in doubt, throw it out." In foodservice we have 2 hours to get food into the fridge, preferably with an internal temp of 40 (F) or below. Temps between 40 and 140 are ripe for food poisoning to occur. The ingredients are irrelevant.

                        1. The soup was fine and I survived. Thanks for the feedback.