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Oct 18, 2013 06:31 AM

How did you get an EMP dinner reservation recently?

Totally unscientific poll: if you've had dinner at Eleven Madison Park in the last 3-4 months, how did you get your reservation? Did you call or use OpenTable? Did you book at 9am exactly 4 weeks in advance?

I have seen some lunch tables at EMP on OpenTable at 9am the last few days but never dinner.

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  1. The old fashioned way. Show up in person and chat with the maitre d'. I hate the whole Opentable thing.

    It's a better way to convey your interest in their food and that you're not some faceless concierge service or corporate business diner ticking off some checklist. This also shows to them that you're less likely to cancel your reservation.

    I do this for EMP and Daniel. Sometimes they have "maitre d' slots" or recently cancelled slots that don't get thrown onto Opentable yet. Most of the time these are not 4 weeks to the day slots.

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      That's what I am doing. Grabbing last minute cancellations that are temporarily held by maitre d's at both EMP and Daniel. Not always available, but higher chance to get a table than

      1. re: kosmose7

        Thanks for the feedback. Last minute cancellation is not going to cut it for a birthday celebration, unfortunately.

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          Hi Kathryn,
          If you are still interested, I may be able to do something. Can't promise though. Email me -- tpigeon2006 at

    2. Had the luxury of advance planning for a Saturday evening in late July; began calling at 8:58 AM exactly 4 weeks in advance and lucked out at about 9:10! Meal took 4 hours even without a kitchen tour ;) !

      1. Checked OpenTable often for cancellations. Very rarely they show up-usually for 5:30 on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. I grab whatever comes up.

        1. I went for dinner a couple months ago. Called exactly 28 days out, at around 9:30am. I find that the reservation line is harder to get through exactly at 9am on the dot, but have had better luck a little later than 9. Also find that 2-tops are much more rare than 4-tops.

          1. AMEX concierge

            (Haven't been in over 6 months.)