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Oct 18, 2013 05:51 AM


Are there any really good Pho places in the Upper West Side from the '50's to '70's?

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  1. This is sending you a bit north, but Saiguette, at Columbus and 106th, makes a very decent version. In the 50-70s on the UWS, you're more likely to find faux than Pho.

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      We just finished pho that was delivered from Saiguette and we were really impressed. We got the "spicy pho vermicelli" with "raw beef eye round, brisket, shin, tripe and tendon." With sides of sprouts, basil, lime and srirachi. I figured the broth would need to be reheated but it didn't. I did heat the bowls ahead of time. A really generous amount that fed both of us for $11.

      We also had the appetizer of the crispy fried calamari ($7) which kinda bowled me over as I was expecting something REALLY subpar since it was delivery. When I heard Bob order it, I kinda groan (silently!). It was really good. Remained nice and crispy with a sweet chili lime sauce for dipping.

      We're in the city for almost two weeks. Time permitting we'll go to the restaurant to it.

      1. re: c oliver

        I'm always trying to convince people that it's not a food desert up here! Also, there's a newish Thai place on the corner of 105th & Columbus called Tum & Yum. I haven't been there but my neighbors liked it. Just in case you need another local takeout option.

        1. re: Skippy1414

          I always chuckle a bit when I read "UWS." I think I refer to this area as the Upper Upper West Side. And we don't think it's a wasteland at all. Had breakfast yesterday at Malecon (Amsterdam and 97th) and it was great. Need to do a little writeup on that. We LOVE this nabe.

          1. re: c oliver

            Glad you liked Saiguette. I live around the corner from Malecon, and it's my go-to mofongo joint. Noche, up on 101st, is also really good for Mexican home-cooking with first-rate michiladas.
            I agree, the UUWS is a very decent dining neighborhood, as long as you're not looking for super fancy.

            1. re: strangemd

              That's exactly what I mean--no, there aren't buzzed about hot spots run by a famous chefs on every corner, but you can find plenty of good little neighborhood places.

              1. re: Skippy1414

                Y'all should start a thread on this.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Try the outer boroughs board, some of the best ethnic food in nyc is not in manhattan

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          Not all Asian cuisine is inferior in NYC. There's just not a huge Vietnamese population in Manhattan or the outer boroughs and a real dearth of good Vietnamese food here.

        2. This is an odd generalization. There are a lot of different Asian cuisines. Also, many places to eat outside of the Upper West Side.

          But to be helpful, I would suggest venturing down to Manhattan Chinatown for pho. I go to Nha Trang. I know people who like Pho Bang. I've had better pho in other US cities but those areas usually have larger Vietnamese populations.

          1. re: churros

            Pho Bang pho is dreadful. Dishwater. Nha Trang not much better. A very sad state of affairs in Manhatten. Bo Ky used to be my go to place but recently their broth hasn't had the depth it used to. Unfortunately it may still be one of the better places to get decent pho and other noodle soups.

        3. If you want good Pho in NYC you must head downtown or to Queens. That is just the situation.

          Downtown we like Pho Grand, on Grand Street. In Queens, Pho Bang, in the small shopping center.