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Oct 18, 2013 04:03 AM

Les Premices

Last night Ms. L. And I dined for the 4th time since their opening and continue to be pleased with this little pocket of gentility surrounded as it is on Rue Rodier by sleazy little tattoo shops and Asian massage parlors. The chef/owner, M. Weill, is classically trained, polite, speaks excellent English and is far from one dimensional, e.g., he was formerly a V.P. At Morgan Stanley.

Les Premices is not the place for boisterous fun trying to keep your chatty neighbor's elbow out of your ribs while keeping count of orgasms, so if you are looking for a Chez l'Ami Jean genre this is not it. What it is, is a comfortable, attractive place with well dressed tables, no elevator music or excessive noise, which serves choice provisions skillfully prepared. M. Weill is also a wine connoisseur and his wine list reflects this.

When we have been for lunch there was a very reasonable menu about €24-25 but this trip was for a romantic dinner to celebrate 44 years of connubial bliss and everything was à la carte and excellent. I see why it is in John Talbott's top ten.

As Truman's most famous firee was quoted "I shall return".

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  1. Still trying to find someone to go with.

    1. Awww, Laidback - congratulations! Please send along Tom's and my (I hope that was properly constructed) good wishes to Ms L as well. I actually find that number hard to believe so you must have tied the knot at age 12.

      Thanks for the review - as you know, that's our 'hood, too, when we're lucky enough to be in Paris. It's going on the list.

      (P.S. I love hearing stories about people who were formerly in the corporate world, but tapped into their right brains, and voila!)

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        Thanks Paula and I think you and Tom will enjoy Les Premices with both sides of your brain.

      2. Congratulations and delighted to have steered you straight for once.

        1. Thanks, this goes on the list. -- Jake

          1. Our added congratulations...and can you tell us what you ate?

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              My husband and I were there a few weeks ago and we had a delightful meal, following the advice of Dr.T, and there were only two tables taken-ours and a couple from Australia. I'm happy that they are finally getting a little attention..

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                Do you want to add a little description of your food?

              2. re: mangeur

                Thanks, M.
                Our meal started with an amuse bouche of lobster bouillon and my bouche was so amused that it wanted about a gallon of its delicate, sweet lobster taste with none of the burnt shell taste that sometimes appears in this dish. Our entrées were sautéed foie gras on a bed of purée of was a new accompaniment to Ms. L. but it worked. I had oysters served in a delicious jelly of sweet onions from the Cevennes which I am told is the only onion with its own AOP.

                Our mains were a simply, but perfectly, roasted lobster tail with an unusual purée of courgettes. My wife is a lobster connoisseur and she thought this one was about as good as these things get, pure, sweet lobster taste with no trace of iodine as is often found in langouste. My main was a combination of a saignant piece of basse côte paired with braised joue de boeuf which had been minced, formed into a ball then briefly placed under the broiler to give it a crusty exterior. This was served with a brunoise of mushrooms.

                The cheeses were a chèvre, tomme de Savoie and a Curé Nantais and we celebrated with a bottle of 2005 Chambolle-Musigny. Dessert was a poached peach with verveine ice cream.

                A lengthy description but you did ask twice!

                1. re: Laidback

                  And I thank you, thank you for this detailed and not-at-all too long report. Descriptions such as yours really help people decide whether a kitchen is their style. Based on your experience, I'll definitely try to book with lobster-loving DH.

                  (Thanks again.)