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What to do with unsweetened apple butter?

Really just as the title says. I have some that could do with being used up. I know that we could spread it on crackers etc. but I was wondering if it would be good in a cake/dessert. My OH is allergic to nuts so would it work as a substitute for PB in baking recipes?

We have around 8oz


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  1. Here's a recipe for double apple cake that uses apple butter as well as apples. I have made this cake, and it is terrific.


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      ooooo that does look like a lovely recipe... and a good excuse to buy myself a bundt pan... not such an essential item of bakeware in the uk compared with in the States!!!

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        You could also probably bake it in a couple of loaf pans, I think.

    2. Someone here mentioned putting it in apple pie recently. Also pumpkin butter into pumpkin pie. I have both sitting on the shelf, and I might be fooling around with that idea next month.

      I also have a cranberry butter, now that I think of it, I'll have to get creative there too.

      1. How about swirling it into a batch of home made cinnamon ice cream?

        1. I bet it would be good in baked oatmeal.

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            love these suggestions.

            re the apple pie suggestion: would you mix it in with the apple filling once the apples were cooked, or would you cook the apples down with the butter? I haven't used it before at all so I have no idea how it actually works and we are in the UK so don't have an endless supply of it to practice with. This is a pressured one/maybe 2 chance thing..!!!

          2. Next time you have a pork roast on hand, consider slathering it with apple butter and roasting it slow and low for a few hours (depending on the size of course). The apple butter really goes well with pork.

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              oooo of course it will. That is an AWESOME idea. I might make sure I have some pork on hand for dinner next weekend!!

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                Then in that case. Baste once semi heavily and then keep some on the side to slather about an hour in. I start out with foil and then remove as the pork starts to separate from the meat. No need to warm the apple butter, just straight from the jar or homemade.

            2. Apple butter will not work as a swap for peanut butter- the texture, water content and fat content are totally different.

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                stir it into drippings to make a sauce.
                add it to a quick bread recipe for a subtle apple addition.
                can it be added to a frosting or glaze on a cake?
                rub down a seared pork loin roast and bake

              2. eat with a spoon instead of yogurt, ice cream, etc.?
                I have used in savory applications that call for applesauce to be reduced for a sauce.
                As for substitutes for PB, have you considered tahini?

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                  I think that once it is opened I will be dipping into it a lot to be honest. As a sub for PB I do use almond butter - almonds are the only nuts that are OK - thankfully as I am addicted to them - but sometimes subbing almond butter for PB makes stuff a bit too nut like for OH - he knows its psychological, but the too much of the texture makes him feel icky. I hand't thought about tahnini in sweet stuff - that could be interesting and I bet would go really well with almond too.. A tahini cookie wilth almonds and maybe date or dried fig.. what do you think?

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                    I think it would be wonderful. Tahini or sunny butter both work well.

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                      I love sunflower butter. In Wholefoods when we lived in the States we used to get Suncups.. Basically Reece's PB cups but by a company that (I think) specialises in no nut sutff...OMG they are WONDERFUL!! If my chocolate skills were up to snuff I would be making them at home. TBH I am not a PB fan at all so all the substitutions are great for me too!