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Oct 17, 2013 11:36 PM

Garlic hands/nails!!!

I've had garlic stuck on my hand and nails for a week now! I've tried everything! Stainless steel -to- dog shampoo. Yes the lemon and tomato juice landed somewhere in there. Along with lava soap, peroxide, alcohol, bleach, and scrubbing my nails and cuticles.
Nothing has helped. Is there anything else I can try?

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  1. That's a bit strange. Are you sure it's not leaching from your skin?

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      1. re: Vanity

        Some health problems (like fibromyalgia) have symptoms of your hands smelling like garlic. If it really won't go away I'd talk to a doctor to rule out any medical problems.

        1. re: LexiFirefly

          If it is still on me I'll go to the doctor but I think I might be too young for something like that. (24)

          1. re: Vanity

            Yeah it's probably not an issue, but a week is a really long time. If it keeps going on check it out, said the girl with universal healthcare...

    1. Try salt (just plain table salt) or baking soda.

      1. It's actually stuck to your skin?

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        1. re: Hobbert

          More like in my nails and part of my hand. But only my left hand.

          1. re: Vanity

            Huh. I'd use an exfoliating scrub (or some sugar or salt in oil if you don't have any). And wear gloves next time.

            1. re: Vanity

              Are you wearing any rings on your left hand? I've had issues where it was my wedding band that harbored the garlic odor, not my actual hand. I soaked the ring in cider vinegar overnight and that took care of it.

            1. Garlic sticks and stinks on me for a long time, too. Never a week, but usually a few days. I can keep it down, if not completely off if, right after I handle it, get the stainless steel thing shaped like soap I keep next to the sink and wash my hands with Dawn soap under running water WHILE rolling the steel thing all over my hands. The Dawn breaks down the oils. For regular handwashing, Dr. Bronners castile soaps seem to help afterward.

              I have no idea what to tell you now, though. I'm usually OK if I get to it immediately, like chop the garlic, then do the handwash, then go back to cooking. Can't wait til I'm done with everything else. Onions are problems too but not as bad as garlic.

              This is a totally amateur and completely uninformed guess (so take it as that and that I know it's that), but my feeling is body chemistry may play a part. My husband, for example, doesn't have hand stink after doing the garlic chopping. I do, and others in my family do, too.

              If I remember, I try to pick up medical gloves in the first aid section and use that on the hand that touches the garlic.

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              1. re: lsmutko

                Those stainless steel shaped like soap things work great.
                If you don't have one just use the stainless steel faucet , rub it as you wash your hands. Cold water works best I have noticed.