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Hawaii People: Portuguese Sausage in LA?

Along the lines of the question about local food in Vegas, does anyone know where to find portuguese sausage in Los Angeles? Is it sold as portuguese sausage? Linguica? Hopefully the mods allow this to stay on the Hawaii board.

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  1. I'm an Angeleno. There's a brand called Silva's from Central Cal. that is sold in a lot of markets around L.A., though sometimes stock is sporadic. They make Linguica that is decent. Try Ralph's chain, or call Silva's.
    There is a specialty shop called Portugal Imports in Artesia (south of L.A.) that has all sorts of Portugese foods.

    I also think I've seen it at Marukai and Seafood City.

    La Espanola Meats in Carson/Harbor City sells a lot of good sausages, but maybe only the Spanish varieties.

    1. Not an Angeleno, not even an Angelito, but my wife and I are visiting our son in warm and sunny California.

      All of us went to the Marukai and Mitsuwa markets today in the Gardena-Torrance region, and happened to see Hawaiian-made Portuguese sausage advertised there for sale..

      It is sold as a huge chub of frozen sausage, that slices like a large salami. We have had that brand before in Hawaii, and it is served with rice and eggs as the morning " Beach Boy." It is also semi-sweet, compared to Portuguese, or Brazilian Linguica.

      We know Silva's when we worked here years ago. It is OK for a BBQ, but the Barcelos brand of Linguica from Tracy, California, was preferred by most of the Brazilians we knew then. Less grease and better flavour..It can be shipped directly to your home in a cold-pack, and you can freeze it. I believe that Portugal Imports still carries the Barcelos brands, which is how we found out about it.

      I'm using my son's IMAC to write this which is interesting, so hopefully this will add the correct link:

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        yeah, i was gonna say marukai too
        and any asian grocery in the gardena-torrance area should have some, that's were all the HI ex-pats live :)

      2. Do you want an Hawaiian made Portuguese style sausage? I've seen Hawaiian brands in large Asian groceries, for example 99Ranch.


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          Thanks for sending such a fun read. The comments really pointed out the difference in taste between Hawaiian-style Portuguese sausage and the linguica made on the mainland. Probably the result of our eating Portuguese sausage with rice, rather than potatoes, and with eggs with soft yolks, rather than the hard-boiled eggs traditionally favored by Europeans.

        2. Hi Paulj-

          What a great article !

          I just read it on a tablet this morning over a Nespresso. I got hungry just thinking about the pictures.

          When we left Marukai yesterday evening, I noticed the 99 Ranch market also on Alondra, just down the street a few blocks, before Alondra becomes the 91 Freeway entrance.

          Greater Los Angeles is amazing: You have so many food choices available to you. It is as though So Cal is one big city from Ventura to San Diego.

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            If a store does not have these sausages in the fresh meat area, check the frozen.

          2. Sam's Club in Gardena has Gouveas 4 pack for $8+ and Silva's Linguica. Marukai has a wider selection.

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            1. re: flylice2x

              thanks fly, gonna have to be marukai, not ever gonna be a sam/wal customer if i can avoid it. LOL

            2. Hi Kamuki -

              The two Marukai stores we visited last week ( one large, one small ) also require a membership card.

              Small fee, which my son pays annually.

              Mitsuwa, and the nearby S-Mart Korean supermarket do not.

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              1. re: SWISSAIRE

                thanks swissaire. i'd rather avoid a fee if possible, but i will not spend money at either wal-mart or sam's club if there are any other options. just a strong personal opinion about their business practices that not everyone shares.

                1. re: KaimukiMan

                  The Marukai in Pacific Square, on Redondo Beach Blvd in Garderna, 2 blocks from my house no need membership. Only if you buy on sale items ask for your card.
                  The main store on Western and Artesia charges $1 for non-members for that day.

                  1. re: flylice2x

                    thanks fly, much easier to get to from San Pedro where I'll be staying.

                    1. re: KaimukiMan

                      my calabash cousin moved to san pedro a year or two ago and she says it is gentrifying nicely, but there are still old time places hidden here and there too
                      small mom and pop delis and restaurants and groceries
                      google "san perdo tamale cart" or look on ye!p
                      there are 2 i hear, different color cart and different style of yelling TAMALE!
                      one is supposed to be better than the other, i cannot remember which, but it is something about he yells "tamale! tamale! TAMALE!" with the emphasis on the third one or something like that
                      the info is out the on the interweb

                      1. re: macsak

                        Well there went any hope of maintaining my diet. Now in addition to Baja Taco's fish tacos, the taco truck on Gaffe, and chile relleno's at Las Brisas, I'm gonna be roaming the streets searching out tamales. How am I gonna find time to make Portuguese Bean Soup?

                        I'll let you know what I find. :-) Thanks macsak!

                        I forgot to mention the Monte Cristo sandwich at Pacific Diner, the biscuits and gravy at Gaffe St. Diner, or one of the specials at Think on 5th? And I've got to squeeze in Thanksgiving somehow. Some good pizza in San Pedro too, and . . .

                        1. re: KaimukiMan

                          I suggest you purchase some PS from North Shore Cattle Co. here and keep it frozen and take it over and then make your soup. I only use theirs for mine. They will take special orders to pick up at KCC or wherever they are for the farmer's markets.

                            1. re: macsak

                              Not for a few weeks. If it won't go thru carry-on it's not going in my suitcase. I keep my 'warm clothes' on the mainland and only take one carry on, no checked bags. Other than that it's a great idea. I've never had North Shore's PS, I'm sure its great. Ive seen the lines at the farmers market, but I'm also not willing to stand in line for 30+ minutes to buy PS. Sigh, there went my CH status. Come to think of it, last time I spent 30 minutes in Line was to see Elton John, and the time before that was for Star Wars (the first movie.)

                              1. re: KaimukiMan

                                I've never seen a line at North Shore Cattle Co., maybe it's because I'm at the market early and not later? Kukui Sausage always has a line of tourists buying sausages on a stick though.

                                1. re: killersmile

                                  you guys wanna know why the sausages on a stick guy always has a line?
                                  it wasn't like that in the beginning

                                    1. re: indelibledotink

                                      sausage vendor was not popular at all until he switched to serving sausages on a stick
                                      someone told him that japanese people love to eat things on a stick
                                      now it has one of the longest lines at the farmer's market
                                      and now you know the rest of the story

                                      1. re: macsak

                                        yep, cut the fried green tomato line by half, although some of that went to abalone too.

                                        1. re: KaimukiMan

                                          Or the kettle corn line. I hate walking by that it makes me very nauseous. I don't know how the other vendors make it through all those hours smelling it and feeling the heat of that hot oil that wafts through. My friends' ginger line is always long and worth it for those who wait, she makes the best drinks.

                                          1. re: manomin

                                            Interesting. I'm sure if I smelled the kettle corn all the time it would drive me nuts, but it smells so good to me, I have a hard time walking by without buying some. I suppose it's like friends I know who live down wind from Zippy's or others a block away from a Korean BBQ restaurant, after a while you just don't smell it any more.

                                            Oh, the fresh ginger drinks are fantastic, so refreshing - so unlike what you get in a can or a bottle from the supermarket.

                                            1. re: KaimukiMan

                                              She's a great party guest! Makes drinks here with vodka usually!

                                  1. re: KaimukiMan

                                    Why did you wait to see Elton? I've seen him 15 times and never waited. Really though, you can pre-order a package of sausage from them and just go up to their booth and tell them you're picking up an order not buying something on a stick. When they had knuckle meat available (until restaurants started taking it all) I'd do that for my dog food never a problem.

                                    1. re: KaimukiMan

                                      ah, ok
                                      i'll call my cousin some time this weekend and find out the difference between the tamale carts

                                      1. re: macsak

                                        my cousin says they are all good
                                        check on ye!p for details
                                        "tamale guy san pedro"

                                        1. re: macsak

                                          thanks macsac. my mom has started scoping things out and concluded that by 2pm none of them are around and about (no surprise there i suppose.) I will report back.

                                          1. re: KaimukiMan

                                            sounds like they sell out fast
                                            ye!p has some places where they hang out specifically listed

                                    2. re: macsak

                                      Then his ghost is coming to my house for dinner on Saturday!

                                      1. re: manomin

                                        i 'waited' for Elton because thats what I was 'told' we were going to do. It wasn't a ditch I was willing to die in. And I think whoever said it is right, its the line for Kukui Sauasages I've seen. Still, it cant go in my carry on, so it wont be going. Next time I make PBS here I will remember it. And where were your comments on the PS thread a few months back? LOL

                                        My ghost and I are looking forward to dinner.

                      2. If you can't find what you want locally, here are two links to mail order it. Hefty prices but it IS Hawaiian Portuguese sausage (love it!)

                        Haven't tried this:

                        What we buy when in Hawaii:

                        1. Aloha Kman...you back here in LA again? To be honest, most Hawaii Portagee sausages are junk! I say that with tongue in cheek because it's not like the old days where the flavor was more intense and not as lean as it is today. Gouveia was our favorite but now it basically tastes like Polish sausage. You still can buy Gouveia at Sams Club but I guess you won't go there? Silva would be my next choice and you can get that at most supermarkets here in LA including Ralphs and Food4Less on Artesia Blvd.