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Oct 17, 2013 09:06 PM

Hawaii People: Portuguese Sausage in LA?

Along the lines of the question about local food in Vegas, does anyone know where to find portuguese sausage in Los Angeles? Is it sold as portuguese sausage? Linguica? Hopefully the mods allow this to stay on the Hawaii board.

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  1. I'm an Angeleno. There's a brand called Silva's from Central Cal. that is sold in a lot of markets around L.A., though sometimes stock is sporadic. They make Linguica that is decent. Try Ralph's chain, or call Silva's.
    There is a specialty shop called Portugal Imports in Artesia (south of L.A.) that has all sorts of Portugese foods.

    I also think I've seen it at Marukai and Seafood City.

    La Espanola Meats in Carson/Harbor City sells a lot of good sausages, but maybe only the Spanish varieties.

    1. Not an Angeleno, not even an Angelito, but my wife and I are visiting our son in warm and sunny California.

      All of us went to the Marukai and Mitsuwa markets today in the Gardena-Torrance region, and happened to see Hawaiian-made Portuguese sausage advertised there for sale..

      It is sold as a huge chub of frozen sausage, that slices like a large salami. We have had that brand before in Hawaii, and it is served with rice and eggs as the morning " Beach Boy." It is also semi-sweet, compared to Portuguese, or Brazilian Linguica.

      We know Silva's when we worked here years ago. It is OK for a BBQ, but the Barcelos brand of Linguica from Tracy, California, was preferred by most of the Brazilians we knew then. Less grease and better flavour..It can be shipped directly to your home in a cold-pack, and you can freeze it. I believe that Portugal Imports still carries the Barcelos brands, which is how we found out about it.

      I'm using my son's IMAC to write this which is interesting, so hopefully this will add the correct link:

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        yeah, i was gonna say marukai too
        and any asian grocery in the gardena-torrance area should have some, that's were all the HI ex-pats live :)

      2. Do you want an Hawaiian made Portuguese style sausage? I've seen Hawaiian brands in large Asian groceries, for example 99Ranch.

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          Thanks for sending such a fun read. The comments really pointed out the difference in taste between Hawaiian-style Portuguese sausage and the linguica made on the mainland. Probably the result of our eating Portuguese sausage with rice, rather than potatoes, and with eggs with soft yolks, rather than the hard-boiled eggs traditionally favored by Europeans.

        2. Hi Paulj-

          What a great article !

          I just read it on a tablet this morning over a Nespresso. I got hungry just thinking about the pictures.

          When we left Marukai yesterday evening, I noticed the 99 Ranch market also on Alondra, just down the street a few blocks, before Alondra becomes the 91 Freeway entrance.

          Greater Los Angeles is amazing: You have so many food choices available to you. It is as though So Cal is one big city from Ventura to San Diego.

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          1. re: SWISSAIRE

            If a store does not have these sausages in the fresh meat area, check the frozen.

          2. Sam's Club in Gardena has Gouveas 4 pack for $8+ and Silva's Linguica. Marukai has a wider selection.

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              thanks fly, gonna have to be marukai, not ever gonna be a sam/wal customer if i can avoid it. LOL